Another tornado in ON on Aug 3

NTP investigation has resulted in the confirmation of an additional tornado in southern ON on August 3. A narrow path through vegetation was found in the location where a number of witnesses reported a tornado, supported by photos and video, near Kaladar, ON. Additional analysis may reveal damage to trees that cannot be detected via satellite imagery.

Details are provided in the summary below, including a map and satellite image. Event information can also be viewed and plotted via the NTP Dashboard at


Event Name: Kaladar, ON

Date: August 3, 2023

Start Time: 5:37 PM EDT (2137 UTC)

Final Classification: Tornado (over land)

Final EF-Scale Rating: EF0-Default

Start of damage track: 44.6767N, 77.0469W

End of damage track: 44.6786N, 77.0439W

Description: Witness captured video of a tornado northeast of Kaladar. No damage was reported.  Satellite imagery review revealed a short narrow path of visible damage in a grassy area in the vicinity of the tornado. As no damage indicators appear impacted, the EF-Scale assessment is EF0-Default tornado, with a track length of 0.34 km and max. path width of 20 m. Tornado motion was from the SW (approx. 230 degrees).


Map showing the location of the tornado northeast of Kaladar, ON.

Planet Labs satellite image showing the known track of the tornado and the path length.

Video of the tornado can be found on Facebook at: