Downburst in SW ON on Aug 23

NTP investigation has confirmed an EF0 downburst in southwestern Ontario, at Bentpath near Dresden, resulting from storms on August 23rd. Barns were damaged and trees were snapped over a wide area. Details are provided in the following event summary, along with a map and survey photos.


Event Name: Bentpath, ON

Date: August 23, 2023

Estimated Start Time: 6:30 PM EDT (2230 UTC)

Final Classification: Downburst

Final EF-Scale Rating: EF0 

Worst Damage Location: 42.6697N, 82.1745W

Description: Photos of damage received over social media. A ground survey found scattered damage over a wide path, including damage to two barns and snapped trees. Damage assessed as EF0 downburst, with an estimated max. wind speed of 125 km/h (SBO/DOD5 LB), and a max. width of 4 km. Orientation of damage swath was from NNW to SSE (from approx. 340 degrees). Satellite imagery review is pending. Start time is based on radar.

Map damage points along the wide swath of EF0 damage identified in the Dresden area.

Image of unidirectional treefall on Base Line.

Damage rated SBO/DOD-5 LB, 125 km/h, EF0 at 710 Marthaville Road as seen from drone.