EF0 tornado at Caledonia ON

An NTP investigation has determined that a tornado caused EF0 tree damage near Caledonia, ON on August 12. Witness photos and video showed a funnel cloud in the vicinity. A report of tree damage allowed a ground investigation to find a narrow path of damage to the northeast of Caledonia. Tree damage included snapped stems and broken branches. Large branches were lofted. A small trailer was also flipped over near the start of the track.

More details are provided in the the event summary below, followed by a map and photos of tree damage.


Event Name: Caledonia, ON

Date: August 12, 2023

Start Time: 10:15 AM EDT (1415 UTC)

Final Classification: Tornado (over land)

Final EF-Scale Rating: EF0

Start of damage track: 43.089N, 79.950W
Worst damage location: 43.091N, 79.918W

End of damage track: 43.102N, 79.894W

Description: Witnesses captured photos and video of a tornado northeast of Caledonia. A ground survey found a narrow path of tree damage including broken branches and snapped stems. Damage assessed as EF0 tornado, with an estimated max. wind speed of 115 km/h, track length of 5 km and max. path width of 150 m. Tornado motion was from the WSW (approx. 270 degrees). Satellite imagery review is pending. Start time is based on photo/video time of 10:20 AM and mesocyclone on radar.


Map showing the documented damage locations and the track of the tornado northeast of Caledonia.

Snapped white pine and topped white pine on McClung Road

Snapped Poplar on McClung Road

Tree with rot snapped and large branches broken, with some thrown into field, on Haldibrook Road


Drone image provided by Cody Law (used with permission) showing an aerial view of the site with the worst tree damage.

Drone image provided by Cody Law (used with permission) showing an aerial view of the site with the worst tree damage, with crop damage on either side of McClung Road. The tornado was moving toward the top-left side of the image.

Video of the tornado, viewed from the north side, is available at https://twitter.com/PScherm406/status/1690368600098381825.

Video of the tornado from Caledonia is available at https://twitter.com/j_gray00/status/1690371935811592192.