Jun 13 Beachville ON Tornado

On June 13th, following the Talbotville, ON tornado, reports of a funnel cloud were received in the Beachville, ON area. An NTP ground / drone survey was conducted in the area where the funnel cloud was spotted but no damage could be found. Most of the photos and video from the Beachville area clearly showed a funnel cloud but the surface was obscured, preventing the identification of a ground circulation. However, NTP analysis of one video provided by Annette Mezenberg (https://www.facebook.com/848805240/videos/104076212725038/) provided evidence of a surface circulation between trees when the tornado very briefly intensified, causing the funnel cloud to extend close to the surface. Therefore we are able to confirm a tornado. Given no EF scale damage indicators were hit, the EF scale rating is EF0-Default. A text summart, map, and enhanced / zoomed images from the video (used with permission) are provided below.


Event Name: Beachville, ON

Date: June 13, 2023

Start Time: 7:39 PM EDT (2339 UTC) 

Final Classification: Tornado (Over Land)

Final EF-Scale Rating: EF0-Default

Estimated tornado location: 43.068N, 80.830W     

Description: Witnesses captured video of a brief tornado south of Beachville. No damage was reported. An NTP ground and drone survey on June 14, 2023 found no signs of associated damage in the area, and as such an EF0-Default rating is assigned. Information available insufficient to accurately estimate track length, max. path width and tornado motion at this time. Satellite imagery review is pending.


Map from the NTP Dashboard showing location of Beachville tornado.

Enhanced video image of Beachville tornado with funnel cloud to at least tree level. Original Facebook video by Annette Mezenberg.

Animation showing ground circulation associated with tornado in a field, between trees. In the last frame, with the funnel cloud now aloft (out of the frame) and to the left, there is an area of dust/debris in the field there on the left side with the tree in front of it noticeably bent over. Original Facebook video by Annette Mezenberg.