New Georgian Bay Tornado (Over Water)

NTP investigation of a waterspout report from Georgian Bay on the afternoon of October 7 resulted in the confirmation of a tornado (over water) there.

Details are available in the event summary below, along with a map and photos. Event information can also be viewed and plotted via the NTP Dashboard at


Event Name: Georgian Bay (Thornbury), ON

Date: October 7, 2023

Start Time: 5:20 PM EDT (2120 UTC) 

Final Classification: Tornado (Over Water)

Final EF-Scale Rating: EF0-Default 

Estimated tornado location: 44.61N, 80.36W

Description: Witness in the Thornbury area captured a photo of a tornado over the Georgian Bay. No damage reported.


Map showing the estimated location of the waterspout over Georgian Bay as seen from Thornbury, ON.

Photo by Nicholas Seston of a waterspout over Georgian Bay from marina at Thornbury, ON. Used with permission.

Enhanced photo of near-surface portion of waterspout showing evidence of a spray vortex under the funnel cloud aloft. Original photo by Nicholas Seston.