Are there publications about Canadian tornadoes?

There have been a number of publications that have been written following significant tornado events. Some are out of print and hard to find:

• Not Like Any Other Sunday by Elizabeth Bundy-Cooper and Cathy Cove (focusing on the 21 Aug 2011 F3 Goderich, ON tornado)

• Under the Whirlwind by Arjen Verkaik and Jerrine Verkaik (a general book on tornadoes with focus on the F3 tornadoes of 20 Apr 1996 in southern Ontario)

• Black Friday by the Edmonton Sun (focusing on the F4 tornado of 31 Jul 1987 that hit Edmonton, AB)

• Tornado Town by Laura Lennox and Brock McKinney (focusing on the F4 tornado of 31 May 1985 that hit Grand Valley, ON)

• Ontario Tornado by the Barrie Banner (focusing on the tornado outbreak of 31 May 1985 that produced the F4 Grand Valley, ON tornado and the F4 Barrie, ON tornado)

• Tornado by John Toll (focusing on the F4 Woodstock, ON tornado of 7 Aug 1979)

• The Tornadoes of Western Canada by A. B. Lowe and G. A. McKay (focused on tornado events in western Canada up to 1960)

NTP publications and other severe-weather related scientific articles can be found on the website of our University of Manitoba NTP partner Prof. John Hanesiak here.