Teaching & Learning


PhDs Who Excel in Teaching & Learning: 

Master Complex Topics

You excel at acquiring a deep understanding of subjects and ideas, and can distill information for a variety of audiences. 

Design Learner-Centered Experiences

You design inclusive and engaging learning resources or experiences to meet the needs of a variety of learners.

Provide Meaningful Assessment 

You create assessments that measure learners' progress and provide feedback that improves learners' performance.

Innovate in Teaching

You explore emerging trends in your field and advance your teaching skillset to implement new approaches and innovations in the classroom.   


Assess Your Teaching & Learning Skills 

2023-2024 own your future schedule 

Mindful Preparation for Comprehensive Exams 

April 11, 2024, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

This session will focus on how to systematically and purposefully prepare for comprehensive exams, while providing information on strategies that help build expertize and confidence. This session will provide strategies for accurately understanding specific comprehensive exam demands, how to build a study plan, monitor progress, and establish learning practices to enhance performance.

Leveraging Teaching Skills: A Path to Diverse Career Success

May 2024, Date TBD

This one-day conference is a unique platform for PhD students and graduates to deepen their teaching strengths and explore the multitude of career opportunities where teaching skills are transferable. 

more Teaching & Learning resources for phds

Teaching Assistant Training Program

The CTL offers a variety of professional development opportunities for graduate students to strengthen their teaching skills.

Teaching Mentor Program

Cohort-based hands-on learning experience, wherein participants observe and offer feedback on one another's teaching.

Future Prof              Series

These interactive seminars for future professors and professionals provide valuable insight into teaching and career-strategies across the disciplines.

Advanced Teaching Program

20-hour short course designed for advanced graduate students who would like to develop practical teaching skills for current and future teaching roles.

Developing Your Teaching Dossier 

Four-module online self-paced series for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows exploring strategies to reflect on their teaching and develop their teaching dossier.

SGPS 9500: The Theory and Practice of University Teaching

SGPS 9500 is a graduate level credit course on teaching and learning in higher education.