NSERC CREATE training program for Excellence in Canadian Corrosion Education through internationalization, equity, and interdisciplinarity (CORRECT)

The NSERC CREATE CORRECT program is an interdisciplinary, international and equitable corrosion science training program. We are focused on improving corrosion education, increasing representation of diverse groups employed in corrosion science, increasing corrosion awareness in society and improving the job-readiness of corrosion students.


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Corrosion Research and Training Experience Award

The Corrosion Research and Training Experience award supports undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows in corrosion science research, education and outreach.

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Corrosion Science Institute 

The Summer Corrosion Science Institute (CSI) is an interdisciplinary training event for CORRECT trainees, delivered in-person annually at rotating host universities, with remote participation options.

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CORRECT trainees will participate as mentees with an academic or industrial mentor within the program. Coordination with European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) is underway and to provide trainees international opportunities.


Increased and more relevant knowledge on corrosion is directly related to less damage in our infrastructure, better health, less environmental pollution, and less economic losses.” — Dr. Yolanda Hedberg, CREATE CORRECT Program Director

Our primary research goals:

  • improve and value corrosion education
  • increase the representation of equity-deserving groups employed in corrosion
  • increase corrosion awareness in society
  • improve the job-readiness of corrosion-related students.

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Audience viewing presentation by Yolanda Hedberg
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