• Academic Adaptation

Thriving Foundations Pillar #1: Academic Advantage

The first pillar of the Thriving Foundations program is designed to help you establish the skills and content knowledge to be successful in your first year. There are three main parts to this pillar: SmartStart Western, a suite of online learning programs, Language in Culture Series (LinCS), and Summer Academic Orientation (SAO), a set of virtual workshops led by campus experts, as well as 1-on-1 appointments you can book through August to meet with an advisor.

 Academic Advantage Pillar Programs



The following free, optional programs were designed to help you get a head start before beginning your studies. Participate in as many as you feel you need!


Summer Academic Orientation (SAO)

Appointments and workshops that will assist you with course selection and connect you to campus experts who can answer your questions.

Hands on a laptop keyboard with SmartStart showing on the laptop screen

Language in Culture Series (LinCS)

*For incoming students from China: Get a head start on learning to write at the university level with this free 3-day virtual program.

Man in glasses looking at a computer screen in a classroom.

SmartStart: Learning

Develop and enhance learning skills and strategies.

Student on a laptop wearing a Western sweatshirt

SmartStart: Academics

Reinforce key concepts from grade 12 courses to set you up for success in first year.