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The Publication

The publication consists of eleven essays written by Professor Brush and her graduate students on diverse facets of “medievalism” that have contributed to the construction of the mythology—textual and visual—of the Canadian frontier. The topics range across transhistorical and transcultural terrain, and draw on recent approaches used by historians and theorists of art, culture, and anthropology. The objective is to make an exploratory foray into an original topic and to initiate discussion of it. This illustrated collection of essays is co-published by Museum London and the McIntosh Gallery. The publication includes a checklist of the objects in the exhibition.



The book (172 pages with 91 colour images: ISBN 978-1-897215-30-2) appeared in December 2010, and can be ordered for $25.00, plus shipping and handling, from:

Gallery Shop, Museum London, 421 Ridout Street North, London, ON, Canada N6A 5H4
For orders via e-mail: info@museumlondon.ca
Tel.: 519-661-0333

Edited by Kathryn Brush

Title Page
Table of Contents
Directors’ Foreword (McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario, and Museum London)

Kathryn Brush
Introduction: Canoes, Crenellations, and “Medieval” Canada

Claire Feagan
Castle-Building in Canada’s “New” London: The Architecture of Authority, Ideology, and Romance

Hillary Walker Gugan
Inventing and Marketing the Ideal Capital: Representations of the New London on the Thames

Simon Bentley
“Middle-Aged” Men: Masculinity and Medievalism at the Canadian Frontier

Ahlia Moussa
Medievalism and Feminism in Anna Jameson’s Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada

Erin Rothstein
Roughing it in the Bush: Representations of “Primitivism” at the Canadian Frontier

Stephanie Radu
Dismantling Frontiers: Cross-Referencing the Material Culture of Europe and the Great Lakes Region, ca. 1000-1500 CE

Emma Arenson
Cross-Cultural Technological Adaptations: Exploring Intersections Between “Medievalism” and Native Material Culture

Megan Arnott
Putting the Vikings on the Canadian Map

Rebecca Gera
Imag(in)ing the Medieval: Gothic Encounters in the Literary “Wilderness” of Upper Canada

Kathryn Brush
Reframing Canada’s Wilderness Icons: Medievalism, Tom Thomson, and the Group of Seven

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Checklist of the Exhibition
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