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leanne Leanne Trask

Leanne Trask was awarded the Western Award of Excellence for her outstanding service to the Department of English & Writing Studies.

kidnie M.J. Kidnie

M.J. Kidnie was named 2013 Graham and Gale Wright Distinguished Scholar within the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. She is also the recipient of the 2012-13 Scotiabank/University Students' Council Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. This is a career achievement, and one which brings great honour to the Department of English and Writing Studies.


munroWanted: Creative, inspiring mentor

For centuries, successive generations of academics have pondered the mysteries of creativity. Where does it originate? What separates the truly creative individual from others? Why does it seem to come and go? Can it be taught? Soon, Western University will have a scholar whose full-time job is grappling with those questions. Read more

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