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Postdoctoral Fellows

The Department of English has been fortunate to host postdoctoral fellows conducting research in a number of fields. We encourage potential applicants to contact the Chair of the department, as well as faculty working in areas in which they intend to pursue their postdoctoral work. The Department provides support (office space, library facilities) for fellows and makes every effort to include them in all aspects of the department’s life.

Current Postdoctoral Fellow:

Dr. Charn Jagpal, (SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-14; working with Dr. Nandi Bhatia; Email:
Project title: Twist and Shout: Dances of Hybridity in South Asian Women’s Diasporic Fiction
This project examines fictions written within the last forty years by South Asian women of the diaspora who collectively imagine dance as a cathartic “coming out” for the closeted cultural hybrids in their fictions. Their female protagonists corporeally twist narratives of nationhood to shout a fluid identity that resists containment. When they dance, they effortlessly and subversively fuse South Asian techniques with non-South Asian elements to break out of dichotomous labels. As a corporeal language, dance hence compensates for their verbal and written silences elsewhere.  It enables them to unleash, recognize and accept an identity that teeters restlessly between eastern/western, traditional/modern and national/global forms of identification.  As women of South Asian descent, and as writers using disembodied forms of communication, the authors thereby stress that their female characters (like themselves) must physically perform and not just mentally accept their hyphenated identities if they are to heal the wounds of cultural displacement and disbelonging.

Recent Fellows:

Karen Bourrier, "Nineteenth-Century Disability: A Digital Reader" (2011-2013)

Michelle Faubert, "Rhyming Reason: The Poetry of Romantic-Era Psychiatrists" (2003-2004; now Associate Professor, Department of English, Film, and Theatre, University of Manitoba)

Jason Haslam, "Penned America: The Prison in America Fiction, 1840-1917" (2004-2005; 2004 Polanyi Prize winner; now Associate Professor, Dalhousie University)

Mark McCutcheon, "The Medium is the Monster: Canadian Frankensteins, Global Articulations." (2008-2009; now Assistant Professor, Department of English, Athabasca University)

Jonathan Murphy (SSHRCC Postdoctoral Fellow),
"Pro Aeris et Focis: Transfigurations of Finitude in 19th-Century American Fiction"

Wendy Pearson, “Performing Alter/Natives: Performativity and Identity in the indigenous Arts in Canada and Australia” (2004-2006; now Assistant Professor, Women's Studies and Feminist Research, Western)

Grace Pollock, "Engendering Celebrity: Idolatrous Economies in Eighteenth-Century Britain" (2006-2008; currently co-director of The Public Intellectuals Project at McMaster University)

Nicole Schukin, “Animal Signs: Languages, Literature and Theory” (2005-2006; now Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Victoria)

Emma Wilson (Commonwealth Scholar),
"’How how, chopt-logic?’: Comparing How the Literary Styles of Milton and Shakespeare Work Using Renaissance Logical and Rhetorical Methods”





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