Modern LanguagesWestern Arts and Humanities
  • Info Session: Oct. 20th, 5:30pm, Kresge Building, Room 203

  • MLL offering two first-year seminars

Modern Languages and Literatures offers a variety of undergraduate courses and program options in Comparative Literature and Culture, Digital Humanities, German Language and Culture, Italian Language and Culture, and Spanish Language and Linguistics and Hispanic Cultures. Courses in Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Persian, Korean, and Russian language and culture are also offered.


CristinaCristina Caracchini

Dr. Cristina Caracchini has written about XX Century Western Poetry, Italian Avant-Garde, Neo Avant-Garde, and Italian-Canadian literature. In the Italian Studies program she teaches courses such as Italian Journeys and Rome: the Eternal City; in the CLC program her teaching spans from the first year Ideas and Apps that Changed the World to grad courses such as What Poetry Knows. Learn More

SilviaSilvia Perpiñán 
Silvia Perpiñán is a specialist on Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition and Hispanic Linguistics. She teaches courses on those areas, as well as Comparative Grammar of English and Spanish. Discover her course on Mediterranean History and Culture that will take place in Barcelona, Spain this May, 2016. Learn More

What we offer


  • Courses in Modern languages and Literatures are the gate-way to new perspectives on yourself and your world!


  • The Department encourages students to see the world through many different cultures, languages, literatures and media. To this end, we offer two different Graduate Programs, Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies.