Ján Mináč

Picture of Ján MináčJán Mináč is a Professor at the Department of Mathematics. Dr. Mináč is a Fellow of the Canadian Mathematical Society and was awarded the 2013 Canadian Mathematical Society Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Mináč’s research has a broad focus across pure and applied mathematics, bridging topics from the study of symmetries to number theory and discrete mathematics.

Dr. Mináč is a leading world expert in Galois theory, an algebraic concept that explores the links between field theory and group theory and examines fundamental notions of symmetry in nature, in mathematically precise and subtle terms. One focus is to apply Galois theory to uncover structure in neuroscience, in order to find hidden symmetries that can provide insight into data. In collaboration with Dr. Muller, Dr. Mináč is applying and developing techniques in discrete mathematics to understand networked systems in biology, where tens or hundreds of neurons can come together to compute.