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June 13, 2024:
Ayan Sadhu recognized with national award

Theme Leader Ayan Sadhu received the 2024 Whitman Wright Award for his contributions to smart city technologies.

April 23, 2024:

The Western Academy is seeking applications from experts in interstate peace.

April 17, 2024:
EVENT ALERT: Exploring solutions for carbon transformation workshop

Registration open!

April 11, 2024:
Turning carbon into clean energy

Innovative new research from Western Fellow Naomi Klinghoffer.

March 13, 2024:
Congratulations to our Canada Research Chairs

Congratulations to Western Fellows Ayan Sadhu and Katsu Goda.

February 29, 2024:
Visiting Fellow named one of USA Today's women of the year

Congratulations, Dr. Lucy Jones!

February 28, 2024:
Special Concert Event

An immersive musical experience inspired by the Northern Tornadoes Project.

January 11, 2024:
Visiting Fellow investigates social inclusion in digital cities

The Western Academy welcomes Dr. Katharine Willis.

January 4, 2024:
New research theme explores smart cities

The Western Academy launches a new research theme.

December 7, 2023:
Western Academy hosts symposium on disaster mitigation, climate resilience

Read about it in the Western News.

November 30, 2023:
Possibilities for Peace in the Twenty-First Century

A new research theme will be joining the Western Academy in January 2025.

November 10, 2023:
Understanding how the brain stores memories

A new discovery from the Mathematics of Neural Networks theme.

October 26, 2023:
Renowned seismologist and music for climate action

Read about it in the Western News.

October 19, 2023:
EVENT ALERT: Music for Climate Change

The Don Wright Faculty of Music presents a special concert and colloquium in parternship with the Western Academy.

October 5, 2023:
Visiting Fellow offers insight into circular economy

The Western Academy welcomes Visiting Fellow Dr. Paola Giudicianni.

September 8, 2023:
[Event alert] Tempo! Music for Climate Action

Join us for a special concert that combines music with dialogue about climate action.

September 1, 2023:
The "Nature-inspired solutions for carbon transformation" theme has launched

Newest research theme seeks to develop nature-inspired systems for carbon capture.

September 1, 2023:
Dr. Gregory Kopp wins international award

Western Fellow Gregory Kopp has been honoured with the Davenport Medal for excellence in wind engineering.

August 31, 2023:
Mathematics of Neural Networks theme wraps up

The "Neural Networks" theme will continue to produce transformative research for years to come.

July 11, 2023:
Coming to the Academy in January 2024

A new research theme will investigate the future of smart cities.

June 9, 2023:
New Research from "Mathematics of Neural Networks" theme

Study of visual, sensory systems featured in Nature Communications.

June 8, 2023:
Call for Applications

Post-doc opportunity: Nature-inspired solutions for carbon transformation.

June 5, 2023:
The Western Academy welcomes Dr. Christian Maire

The "Neural Networks" theme hosts a leader in number theory.

May 24, 2023:
New Research Theme will Tackle Challenge of Global Emissions

"Nature-inspired solutions to carbon transformation" will launch in September 2023.

April 18, 2023:
The Western Academy Welcomes Dr. Alex Lubotzky

The "Neural Networks" theme hosts renowned contributor to mathematics and computer science.

April 14, 2023:
Learning Opportunity Sparks New Insights

Western Fellows offer course on artificial and biological brains.

April 7, 2023:
The Western Academy Welcomes Dr. Frédéric Chavane

The "Neural Networks" theme hosts an expert researcher in the visual cortex.

March 16, 2023:
New Research from "Mathematics of Neural Networks"

Western Fellow investigates how and why AI technologies fail to replicate human systems of visual cognition.

March 7, 2023:
New Research from "Mathematics of Neural Networks"

A new approach to studying complex neural processes.

February 7, 2023:
Dr. Katsu Goda Receives Florence Bucke Science Prize

The Florence Bucke Science prize honours excellence in research.

February 2, 2023:
The Western Academy Welcomes Dr. Maria Chudnovsky

The "Neural Networks" theme is hosting a distinguished Visiting Fellow.

January 16, 2023:
Call for Letters-of-Intent

The Western Academy is preparing for its February 2023 competition.

October 25, 2022:
New Developments About a Rare Disorder

Western Academy members use neural network model to shed light on Rett Syndrome.

September 30, 2022:
2022 Western-Fields Summer School

"Neural Networks" theme hosts 2022 Western-Fields Summer School.

September 15, 2022:
The Western Academy has officially launched!

The Western Academy for Advanced Research officially launches.

August 19, 2022:
Consolidating memories through sleep

"Neural Networks" Theme Leader Dr. Lyle Muller publishes research on long-term memories.

June 6, 2022:
Updates regarding the Western Academy

The Western Academy has chosen its two inaugural themes, starting September 2022.

November 23, 2021:
Invitation for Letters-of-Intent

The Western Academy invites Letter-of-Intent (LOI) in advance of its next full competition.

June 15, 2021:
Virtual Information Session

Session slide are available for download.

May 31, 2021:
Launch of the Western Academy for Advanced Research

Which challenges should we tackle first?

February 25, 2021:
Introducing the Western Academy for Advanced Research

This is an exciting day for Western’s research community.