Lyle Muller

Picture of Lyle MullerLyle Muller is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics. Dr. Muller’s research is in computational and theoretical neuroscience, centering on developing new mathematical approaches to neural data and to network structure and dynamics.

Dr. Muller has introduced a technique to analyze moment-by-moment patterns in large-scale neural recordings. This technique revealed qualitatively new features of brain activity, from stimulus-evoked traveling waves in the visual cortex (Muller et al., Nature Communications, 2014), to global rotating waves associated with learning and memory during sleep (Muller et al., eLife, 2016), and even in the absence of sensory input (Davis*, Muller*, et al., Nature, 2020). In collaboration with Dr. Mináč, Dr. Muller’s team at Western is now developing new computational and mathematical approaches to study the mechanistic bases and computational roles for these activity patterns in cortex.