Resource Geoscience

Primary Faculty: Blamey, Schincariol, Shuster

The Resource Geoscience theme focuses on geological, geophysical and hydrogeological studies related to advancements in effective exploration and development of mineral, energy and water resources. Research conducted under this theme provides new models and insights, innovative applications and experimental techniques, and responsible practices for sustaining national and international economic prosperity. Researchers in this theme actively pursue collaborative partnerships with industry and government through field based research, data analysis, and resource characterization.


Dr. Robert A. Schincariol


Professor Rob Schincariol’s research interests are in hydrogeology and groundwater flow, with a focus on heat transport, low-temperature geothermal energy, and permafrost hydrogeology. He also regularly works on issues of ground water sustainability, vulnerability, and water budgets. He currently is an Executive Editor for the journal Groundwater.


Precious Metal and Critical Mineral Geomicrobiology

Dr. Jeremiah Shuster

Although gold is rare and unevenly distributed throughout Earth’s crust, it occurs as grains and nuggets that are concentrated within placer deposits. Dr. Shuster is interested in how microbes influence gold-enrichment on grains/nuggets as well as gold mobility within the environments impacted by anthropogenic activity. A better understanding of gold biogeochemical cycling can be applied to mineral exploration programs or to gold recovery from materials that are conventionally considered waste, such as historic mine tailings and e-waste. His research interest extents to include other precious metals (e.g., platinum, silver, and copper biogeochemical cycling) as well as critical minerals.


Ore Geochemistry

Dr. Nigel Blamey 

Dr. Blamey’s research is driven by fluid inclusion studies into a broad range of geological environments and includes hydrothermal ore deposits, geothermal, ancient atmospheric oxygen, and exotic systems. He has a mass spectrometer system for analyzing fluid inclusion gases and is able to discriminate fluid sources (magmatic, meteoric, metamorphic, basinal), identify processes (boiling, condensation, mixing), constrain REDOX, correct isochors, apply gas geothermometry, and conduct solubility modeling of metals such as gold in hydrothermal fluids.