Math 4122B/9022B - Measure Theory - Winter 2018

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  • Apr.10: Solutions to PS 10 are now posted.
  • Apr.3: Solutions to PS 9 are now posted.
  • Mar.27: Solutions to PS 8 are now posted.
  • Mar.21: Extra office hours will be held on March 22, 1:00--3:00pm.
  • Mar.20: Solutions to PS 7 are now posted.
  • Mar.13: Solutions to PS 6 are now posted.
  • Mar.12: The in-class presentation topics for graduate students are available here. They are to be presented (in the order listed) during the last week of classes, Apr. 6--11.
  • Mar.4: The final exam for Math 4122B/9022B has been scheduled by the Registrar. It will be held on Tuesday, April 24, in SH-3305, 2--5pm.

      Both undergrad and graduate students will write the same exam.
  • Mar.1: Solutions to PS 5 are now posted.
  • Feb.22: Solutions to PS 4 are now posted.
  • Feb.15: Solutions to PS 3 are now posted.
  • Feb.14: The practice midterm test 1 is now posted, under Assignments.
  • Feb.12: Solutions to PS 2 are finally posted.
  • Jan.31: Correction: The 3rd problem set should only include exercises up to 4.12 (i.e., excluding 4.13 and 4.14).
  • Jan.17: The first problem set has now been posted (under Assignments). It will be the basis for the Jan.24 quiz.

      The term tests will be held in class, on Wednesday, February 28, and Friday, March 23.
  • Dec.1: Welcome to the Math 4122B/9022B course website. Hope it works well; if not, please report bugs here.
    This website will be frequently updated (once the course starts on January 15). Remember to use the refresh/reload button.
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