Remembrance Day 2018

Each year, we gather to remember all those who have served our country during times of war, conflict and peace. The ceremony will commence at 10:30 a.m. in the Mustang Lounge (UCC, Western University) and end promptly at 11:30 a.m. with a moment of silence at 11:00 a.m. There will be speakers presenting that will help us remember those who gave their life to keep peace within our nation and those who are still fighting today that aim to create peace among other nations.

All campus community members including students, alumni, faculty and staff are invited to attend.

Honouring Western alumni and students who gave their lives in service of this nation.

First World War

A.V. Becher
J.C. Forsyth
D.G.K. Garrett
William Griffiths
T.R. Guilfoyle
L.F. Jamieson
E.F. Johnston
C.F. Jones
R.J. Kain
R.G.C. Kelly
H.A. Kingsmill
A.C. McCormack
Nursing Sister Agnes McDougall
A.E. McKay
J.R. Meredith
G.B. Patterson
Harold Payne
W.F.D. Smith
Private E. Spring
E.H. Stephenson
J.M. Young
Nursing Sister Anna Elizabeth Whitely

Second World War

J.M. Alexander
H.G. Anderson
A.D.G. Bell
N.H. Bier
G.S. Blake
W.L. Brown
J. Brunette
A.M. Burslem
B.A. Casey
E.M. Childs
G.K. Coates
J.W. Colburn
R.D. Crone
P.H. Cronyn
D.E. Derbyshire
H.A. Deviney
R.H. Douglas
H.D. Durrant
G.A. Eaton
L.A. Elliott
A.McD. Ferguson
W.L. Ferguson
F.L. Fisher
D.F. French
W.H. Fuller
J.E. Gaunt
A.U. Gilles
J.D. Gray
G.L. Hall
E.J. Hanley
W.J. Hartry
J.F. Harvey
D.G. Hilborn
L.C. Hillis
A.D. Hone
H.D. Hooper
J.B. Hunt
W.D. Irwin
S.W. Jones
W.D. Lawrence
A.O. Learmonth
J.G. Lee
P.O. Lee
H.F.L. Longworth
R.A. Luard
I. MacKenzie
K. MacLean
J.Y. Marshall
J.A.W. McKenzie
W.B. McManus
R.S. Morgan
E.G. Nelson
G.S. Oliphant
R.J. Painton
J.R. Paisley
J.G.L. Partridge
N.G. Pearce
H.C. Phillips
R.N. Pole
G.A. Ponsford
W.A. Reason
J.N. Richardson
W.A. Rider
F.V. Robinson
J.B. Ruston
S.A. Sanderson
W.J. Shapter
J.B. Smith
L.M. Spry
W.J. Stevenson
A. Stewart
D. Vail
S.L. Valeriote
E.G. Venus
H.A. Wills
R. Wilson
T.E. Woolley
C.A. Wright
F.C. Zurbrigg