Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

The Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra (ORCCA) performs fundamental research and development in computer algebra. The Centre started its activities in 1997 and was officially founded in 1999 with the support of government and private sector sources.

Faculty from Western University and the University of Waterloo conduct research on a range of topics in computer algebra including:

  • symbolic linear and non-linear algebra
  • symbolic-numeric algorithms
  • symbolic analysis of ODE's and PDE's
  • computer algebra software, see Maple and the RegularChains library
  • languages and programming environments, see Aldor and MetaFork
  • high-performance computer algebra, see BPAS and CUMODP
  • software for mathematical communication: MathML@ORCCA, MONET@ORCCA and PenMath@ORCCA

For more information, please visit the ORCCA website.