The Mathematical & Statistical Sciences form a vibrant and exciting area of study and research at Western. We hope you'll take some time to explore and learn about who we are and what we do.

Our mission is to teach undergraduate and graduate students in courses and programs which expose them to the power and beauty of mathematics and statistics, giving them the tools to apply these tools to real problems and to develop the structure of mathematical thought.  

Our researchers are engaged in projects across the entire spectrum of mathematics research. We have 56 faculty members, 15 postdoctoral fellows, and 130 graduate students working in the area. Our researchers are funded by the Natural Science & Engineering Research Council, the Canadian Institute for Health Research, the Social Science & Humanities Research Council, and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. Five of our faculty hold, or have recently held, prestigious Canada Research Chairs.

Our faculty members and students are based in either Mathematics or Statistical & Actuarial Sciences. Some of our faculty are also appointed to other academic units on campus. Within the Faculty of Science these units include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics. Outside of Science, our faculty are also appointed to units including Business, Economics, Engineering, Oncology, Philosophy, and Sociology. We have very active seminars and colloquiua. Our departments are closely linked with the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences, the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, and benefit from the computational power of the Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network (SHARCNet).