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Call for Nominations - Senate and the Board of Governors

Nominations will open on January 15, 2024 for membership on Western's Senate and the Board of Governors.

For further information on Senate Elections, please visit

For further information on Board Elections, please visit

Call for Nominations for Membership on Senate Committees

The Senate Nominating Committee is accepting nominations from members of the University community for membership on Senate committees. Visit Call for Nominations for Senate Committees for details on current vacancies and the process for submitting a nominations.

Western Hosts the Canadian University Boards Association Conference 

The Annual Canadian University Boards Association conference will be held in London, Ontario May 2024.  The  conference is open to the leadership of member University Boards (i.e., Chairs, Vice-Chairs, committee Chairs, Board members who may be successors to those positions, Chancellors, and University Secretaries/Associate Secretaries).