Section 1 - General Associated Procedures
1.1 Use of University Facilities for other than Regularly Scheduled Academic Purposes
1.2 Flying of Flags and Banners Procedures
1.3 Political Candidacy of Students
1.4 Policy on Emergency Response & Preparedness
1.5 Picketing, Distribution of Literature and Related Activities
1.6 Tours of Animal Care and Veterinary Services Facilities
1.7 Chaplains to the University Community
1.8 Off Campus Student Placements
1.9 Naming of Campus Buildings, Physical Structures and Spaces
1.11 Transportation of Dangerous Goods
1.12 Advertising and Commercial Activity
1.13 Computing, Technology & Information Resources Procedures
1.14 Emergency Service Reduction or Closure Procedures
1.15 Corporate Use of University Name and Trademarks
1.16 Policy on Smoking, Vaping & Tobacco Use
1.17 Licensed Commercial Use of University Name and Trademarks
1.18 Food or Drink Consumption Policy for Western Libraries
1.19 Policy on AIDS
1.23 Guidelines on Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
1.25 Lease of University Facilities for Long-Term Use Procedures
1.26 Establishing International Academic Partnerships Procedures
1.27 Western Home Page
1.28 Official World Wide Web Sites
1.29 Bank Card Policy
1.30 University Records and Archives Policy
1.31 Hazardous Chemical Waste Policy
1.32 Building Corridor Policy Procedures
1.33 Campus Alcohol Policy
1.34 Storage and Dispensing of Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Laboratories
1.35 Non-Discrimination/Harassment Policy/Sexual Misconduct Procedures
1.36 Roof Access Policy Procedures
1.37 Parking and Traffic Regulations Procedures
1.38 Rights and Responsibilities of Academic Freedom
1.39 Western Special Constable Service
1.40 Release of Information to the Media
1.41 Building Access Control Procedures
1.42 Video Monitoring Procedures
1.43 Safe Disclosure Policy Procedures
1.44 Naming Policy
1.46 Safe Campus Community
1.47 Accessibility at Western Procedures
1.48 Environment and Sustainability Procedures
1.49 Contract Management and Signing Authority Procedures
1.50 Signage and Election Posters Procedures
1.51 Policy on Establishing University Policies and Procedures Procedures
1.52 Policy on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Procedures
1.53 Safety Abroad Procedures
1.54 Freedom of Expression Policy Procedures
1.55 Enterprise Risk Management Procedures
1.56 Pets and Therapy Animals on Campus Procedures
1.57 McIntosh Gallery Collections Policy Procedures