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    Western University scientists solve mammoth-sized 'conundrum':

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Welcome to Earth Sciences at Western

Earth Sciences is the science of the planet Earth. We seek to understand the Earth's internal structure and composition; its dynamic character (earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics); the processes that occur within it; the processes that shape its surface and the materials that constitute its surface layers; the origin, occurrence, extraction and conservation of the Earth's natural resources (minerals, fossil fuels, soils, and water); the place of the Earth within the Solar System, and the history of life on Earth.

Western's Department of Earth Sciences is a close-knit and dynamic department combining cutting edge academic and applied research with strong mentorship and teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Our graduates can be found in industry, academia and government across Canada and around the world. Come see us in the Biological and Geological Sciences Building to see what Earth Sciences has to offer.


Aug. 27: Ryan Schwegman's M.Sc. thesis Morphology and Morphometry of Double Layered Ejecta Craters on Mars has been published in the online thesis repository.

Aug. 27: Nikole Bingham-Koslowski's Ph.D. thesis High resolution stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Upper Devonian Kettle Point Formation, southwestern Ontario, Canada has been published in the online thesis repository.

Jun. 28: Ievgeniia Morozova's M.Sc. thesis Strength Study of Zircon Under High Pressure has been published in the online thesis repository.

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