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    Have a safe, productive and fun field season!:

    Have a safe, productive and fun field season!

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    Congratulations Matthew DeGasperis!:

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Welcome to Earth Sciences at Western

Earth Sciences is the science of the planet Earth. We seek to understand the Earth's internal structure and composition; its dynamic character (earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics); the processes that occur within it; the processes that shape its surface and the materials that constitute its surface layers; the origin, occurrence, extraction and conservation of the Earth's natural resources (minerals, fossil fuels, soils, and water); the place of the Earth within the Solar System, and the history of life on Earth.

Western's Department of Earth Sciences is a close-knit and dynamic department combining cutting edge academic and applied research with strong mentorship and teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Our graduates can be found in industry, academia and government across Canada and around the world. Come see us in the Biological and Geological Sciences Building to see what Earth Sciences has to offer.


Aug 17.  Shaun Hadden MSc Geophysics Public Lecture "Anisotropic Waveform Tomography: Application to Crosshole data for Transversely Isotropic Media" 1:00 pm, BGS 1053.

Aug 19. Dr. Margaret Glasscoe "Applications of Fault Modeling and Remote Sensing for Hazard Analysis, Decision Support and Disaster Response." 11:30 am, BGS 1053.

Aug 19. Yelena Kropivnitskaya PhD Geophysics Public Lecture "Using Physical and Social Sensors in Real-Time Data Streaming for Natural Hazard Monitoring and Response" 1:30 pm, BGS 1053.

Aug 23. Cale Gushalak MSc Geology Public Lecture "First Major Appearance of Brachiopod-Dominated Benthic Shelly Communities in the Reef Ecosystem During the Early Silurian" 9:00 am, BGS 1053

Aug 24. Kathleen Vanelli MSc Geology Public Lecture "Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleogeography of the Lower Cretaceous (Upper Albian) Peace River, Joli Fou and Pelican Formations, Northern Alberta, Canada" 9:00 am, BGS 1056

Aug 24. Tanya Harrison PhD Geology and Planetary Science Public Lecture "Global-Scale Studies of Martian Gullies: Implications for their Formation and Evolution" 11:30 am, BGS 1053

Sept 6. Jon O'Callaghan MSc Geology Public Lecture "Constraining the Formation and Alteration of Sudbury Breccia, Ontario, Canada: Implications for Footwall Cu-Ni- PGE Exploration" 1:30 pm, BGS 1053

Sept 7. Eric Pilles PhD Geology and Planetary Science Public Lecture "Emplacement of the Foy, Hess and Pele Offset Dykes at the Sudbury Impact Structure, Canada" 9:00 am, BGS 1053

Sept 15. Connor Davis MSc Geology Public Lecture "Microstructural Geochronology of Zircon Across the Central Uplift of the Vredefort Impact Structure, South Africa" 1:00 pm, BGS 1084

Sept 23. Derek Kouhi MSc Geophysics Public Lecture "The Application of Geophysical Inversion Techniques to the Nechalacho Rare Earth Element Deposit, NT" 12:30 pm, BGS 1065

Oct 21. Mahadia Ibrahim Mohammed PhD Geology Public Lecture "High-Resolution Allostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous (Santonian - Early Campanian) Upper Wapiabi Formation in Southern Alberta" 1:00 pm, BGS 1084

Nov 3. Lisa Cupelli PhD Geology and Planetary Science Public Lecture "Evolution of Mafic Impact Melt Bodies at the Crater Floor Interface of the Vredefort and Sudbury Impact Structures" 1 pm, BGS 1084

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