Human Resources

Biosafety Committee

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CHAIR: Dr. John Millar (Special Advisor) - Science

Dr. Stephen Barr
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Christopher Pin
Lawson Health Research Institute

Dr. Greg Thorn

Dr. Sashko Damjanovski

Jane O'Brien
AVP - Human Resources

Cindy Pape
Research Technician

Dr. Greg Dekaban
Robarts Research Institute

Dr. Peter Ferguson
London Regional Cancer Centre

Jamie Whitty
Facilities Management - Facilities Engineering

Dr. Thomasz Dzialoszynski
Health Sciences

Dr. Argyrios (Gerry) Margaritis

Andrew Scott
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Station

Ex-Officio Members

Director - AVCS

Dr. Sidney Siu
Workplace Health

Non-Voting Members

Tony Hammoud
Western Biosafety Officer

Dr. Elena Ostrakhovitch
Postdoctoral Association

Gordon Irvine
Society of Graduate Students

Other Safety Officers

Bruce MacKinnon
London Health Sciences Centre

Jeff Tucker
St. Joeseph’s Health Care

Ron Noseworthy
Robarts Safety Officer


Dr. Jack Millar (Chair, Special Advisor)

Dr. Stephen Barr

Dr. Greg Dekaban

Dr. Susan Koval

Director, ACVS (Ex-officio)

Dr. Sidney Siu (Ex-officio)

Tony Hammoud (Ex-officio)