About the Faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is at the core of the University. Our teaching and research span the vital elements of our human experience – language, literature, art, film, visual culture, the world of ideas and self-understanding. This is where we encounter our humanity most directly, in all its complexity and richness. As times change, contexts shift and the world seems to become ever more challenging, we need the Arts and Humanities as never before: to frame that experience of change, and help us make sense of it. Our Faculty brings together Classical Studies, English and Writing Studies, Film Studies, French Studies, Linguistics, Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Visual Arts, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies . In our departments and programs, our students engage with the most fascinating subject matter, and acquire important skills in critical comprehension and reasoning, as well as the capacity for communication and expression in a range of media. Our faculty members are award-winning, internationally renowned teachers and researchers. The great range and impact of their work demonstrates how the Arts and Humanities make a dynamic contribution to human knowledge.