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At Western, we have outstanding graduate programs and an excellent research profile. However, no matter how qualified and dedicated our faculty, the quality of our programs depends on the quality of our graduate students. We strive, therefore, to attract the best and brightest and to offer them an intellectually enriched and challenging environment. We invite you to share in our tradition of excellence and experience the advantages of a Western graduate degree.

Arts & Humanities Graduate Awards & Scholarships

Arts & Humanities Graduate Programs 

Classical Studies: MA, PhD

  • Western Classical Studies offers graduate programs leading to both M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Classics. We have a long history of success at the M.A. level (more than 50 years) and are excited to offer qualified students the opportunity to conduct advanced research and study in our new Ph.D. program. Visit website

Comparative Literature: MA, PhD

  • Our graduate students represent an extremely wide variety of research interests in periods, languages, genres and theoretical approaches. The MA and PhD programs promote a truly global understanding of literature and its international diversity. Visit website

English: MA, PhD

  • The English Department's graduate program ranks as one of the strongest and most diverse in Canada. Subjects offered encompass all areas of theory, criticism, and scholarship and all major periods and genres. Visit website

French Studies: MA, PhD, Direct Entry PhD

  • The Department of French Studies offers both a MA and PhD program in the areas of French literature and linguistics. Visit website

Hispanic Studies: MA, PhD, Direct Entry PhD

  • Programs in Hispanic Studies are housed in the Department of Languages and Cultures and the working language of the Hispanic Studies graduate program is Spanish. Graduate programs offer a unique perspective with the availability of a cross disciplinary approach (including Comparative Literature, Visual Arts, Women's Studies, Critical Theory) and the interaction with faculty from varied backgrounds. Visit website

Linguistics: MA

  • The objective of the MA program in linguistics is to foster scholarship and research in the discipline, both for students who are planning on continuing with a PhD program in linguistics and for those who will be seeking professional work in a range of fields (such as education, communicative disorders, speech technologies, or elsewhere) for which a background in linguistics is either required or very useful. Visit website

Philosophy: MA, PhD, Direct Entry PhD

  • The Department of Philosophy offers a one year MA and PhD program with areas of strength including Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy and Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy. New for 2013 is an MA Program in Ancient Philosophy. Our grad programs continue to attract international graduate students as the Department provides a friendly, stimulating, first-class environment for graduate study in philosophy. Visit website

Visual Arts: MA, MFA, PhD

  • The Department of Visual Arts offers three graduate degrees: Fine Arts (MFA) and Art History (MA) and Doctorate (PhD). These programs are unique in Canada because they combine an emphasis on current and historical art theory with traditional instruction and supervision in the studio arts and art history. Visit website

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies: MA,PhD

  • The graduate programs in Women's Studies and Feminist Research will engage students in using interdisciplinary, feminist methodologies to examine the ways in which gender interacts with race, age, class, ability/disability and sexual orientation. Visit website