Exciting classes offered in Arts & Humanities

Are you looking to enhance your course load for the Fall?  Explore some of the new and exciting classes offered across the Faculty.

Classical Studies - CS4450G
The Crisis of the Late Roman Republic
Using a pedagogical technique known as ‘Reacting’- a game-based process - students will be assigned roles as historical characters who then join factions to achieve their (pre-determined) aims, defeating the other factions via scheming and persuading other ‘indeterminate’ characters.



women_environment150.jpgComparative Literature CL2108B/GSWS2246B/FS2194B*
World Literature and Film: Women and the Environment
Across the globe, contemporary women writers and filmmakers are increasingly engaging with environmental discourses in their artistic work. Primary texts include fiction films, documentaries, novels, and short stories.
*Cross-listed in Comparative Literature/Film Studies/GSWS2246B



Digital Humanities 2223A
Digital Transformation
Study Digital Transformation as it is happening today through five interconnected lenses: objects; networks; spaces; people; and organizations. You will learn the main trends and methods through which the world is becoming digital through some of today´s most interesting from around the world!


French Studies - FS3405A
Représenter le mouvement
This course proposes the study of a specific topic from the contemporary French-speaking world through the use of a variety of cultural media and productions (cinematic, literary, musical, visual).



French Studies - FS3406B
J'aime les nuits de Montréal
A course that establishes a dialogue between different languages, genres and cultures; it goes beyond the literature to explore the world of Jazz, with Oscar Peterson et Charlie Biddle, and the Théâtre de Variétés.



Philosophy 2073F/G
Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
In this course, we will consider the impact of artificial intelligence on our current lives, and on our future. It has been said that “Philosophy will be the key that unlocks artificial intelligence”—presumably for the better.



Philosophy 9703A/4331F
Women and Science
The course focuses on the intersection between scientific knowledge and women. We consider the historical and sociological contexts that prevented women from accessing and producing scientific knowledge. We then discuss the questions at the center of the feminist reflection on science and the different perspectives produced in the feminist epistemologies.



Persian 1030/1035
Persian (Farsi) for Beginners
Introduction of oral and written Persian for students with little or no previous knowledge of the language. Develop your communicative skills while learning about the cultures of the Persian-speaking countries.