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Brain Bee - London, Ontario

The London Brain Bee is an annual neuroscience outreach program for students in grades 9-12 from London and surrounding areas. Now held in WIRB, the aim of this daylong event is to motivate high school students to learn about the brain and inform them about the role of neuroscience in research and medicine. This event is completely free for students. The London Brain Bee consists of a trivia event, mock diagnoses, neuroscience demonstrations, and an anatomy scavenger hunt.  The London chapter of the Brain Bee is one of 15 competitions across Canada, where the winners advance to the Canadian National Brain Bee.

Brain Bee Website

Past Brain Bees

April 21, 2018
Organizers: Benedict Chang, Faraj Haddad, Nicola Popp and Brendon Samuels
Volunteers (Neuroscience, Psychology, and BMI): Abdullah Al-Jaja, Leah Brainin, Avyarthana Dey, Jessica Empringham, Celina Everling, Niveen Fulcher, Joyla Furlano, Melissa Liu, Alex Major, Christine Moreau, Mitch Nicholls, Natalie Ossowski, Kaitlyn Parks, Madhavi Prasad, Gabriel Soicher, Tamara Tavares, Madeline Taylor, Wesley Tin, Rajas Tipnis, Krystyna Wieczerzak and Deanne Wah
Winner: Ingrid Huang
Funding Sources: The Brain and Mind Institute, The Department of Psychology, BrainsCAN, Schulich Medicine and Dentistry, Government of Ontario Early Researcher Award to Andrew Pruszynski, The Purple Store and the Western Bookstore

April 22, 2017
Organizers: Benedict Chang, Heather McGregor, Scott Macdonald and Nicola Popp
Volunteers (Neuroscience, Psychology, and BMI): Abdullah Al-Jaja, Eva Berlot, Celina Everling, Pavlina Faltynek, Niveen Fulcher, Joyla Furlano, Aaron Gibbings, Faraj Haddad, Maedbh King, Rodrigo Maeda, Alex Major, Mark McPhedran, Natalie Ossowski, Brendon Samuels, Tamara Tavares and Deanne Wah
Winner: Fay Chong
Funding Sources: The Brain and Mind Institute, The Department of Psychology, BrainsCAN, The Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, SONA (Southern Ontario Neuroscience Association), Schulich Medicine and Dentistry, Government of Ontario Early Researcher Award to Andrew Pruszynski

April 16, 2016 
Organizers: Jordynne Ropat, Heather McGregor and Scott MacDonald 
Winner: Berk Rasheed

April 11, 2015  
Organizers: Alex Coros, Scott MacDonald and Heather McGregor 
Winner: Yao (Esa) Li  

April 5, 2014   
Organizers: Alex Coros and Scott MacDonald  
Winner: Brittany Smale  

April 6, 2013  
Organizers: Michael Barnett-Cowan, Scott MacDonald and Teressa McAdam 
Winner: Melanie Colvin  

April , 2012  
Organizers: Michael Barnett-Cowan and Teressa McAdam  
Winner: William Klanac  

April , 2011  
Organizers: Teressa McAdam  
Winner: Jamie Antonucci  

April , 2010  
Organizers: Teressa McAdam 
Winner: Pei Jun Zhaok  

April , 2009  
Organizers: Teressa McAdam 
Winner: Stella Park  

BMI Tours 

The Brain and Mind Institute welcomes students to discover what's happening in cognitive neuroscience.  BMI Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students are available to help coordinate tours and activities for both high school and post secondary students from London and the surrounding area. For more information, contact Denise Soanes at dsoanes4@uwo.ca

SHAD Western

July 19, 2017

Organizers: Denise Soanes, Jeff Brooks
Volunteers: Ashmita Singh, Mohamed Moselhy, Megan Fung, Minha Yoon and Justine Czajka
Presenters: EEG - Avital Sternin & Christina Vanden Bosch; TMS - Eric Taylor, Johannes Teselink & Celina Everling; Robot - Rodrigo Silva & Eshan Abolhasani; RRI - Jordan DeKraker

SHAD Website

Banting Secondary School, Grade 12 Peer Leadership Class

November 24, 2016

Organizers: Avital Sternin, Denise Soanes
Volunteers: Benedict Chang, Joshua Hoddinott, Margarita Maltseva and Brittany Roberts
Presenters: EEG - Aaron Gibbings; Gait - Emily Ready; TMS - Celina Everling & Johannes Teselink; Robot - Rodrigo Silva

MENSA London

October 12, 2016

Organizers: Anna Blumenthal and Enhao Peng
Benedict Chang, Jordan De Kraker, HY, Anna Blumenthal and Enhao Peng
Presenters: TMS - Lucilla Cardinali; fMRI - Jordan De Kraker; EEG - Aaron Gibbings and Molly Henry; Driving Simulator - Nole Hiebert and Andrew Vo
Panel and Q&A: Dr. Stefan Köhler and Dr. Bobby Stojanoski

Western's Movement Neuroscience course (KIN3480) taught by Dr. Vincent Liardi

June 16, 2016

Organizers:  Kaitlin Laidlaw and Scott MacDonald
Volunteers:  Benedict Chang and Dan Cameron
Presenters:  Robot - Josh Cashaback; Gait Lab - Emily Ready; TMS - Lucilla Cardinali; fMRI - Scott MacDonald

Lambton Kent District School Board Enrichment Program

May 25, 2016

Organizers: Anna Blumenthal, Kathryn Manning, Natalie Osbourne and Avital Sternin
Volunteers: Sleep Lab - Laura Ray & Valya Sergeeva; Robarts & Concussion Research - Kathryn Manning; Music Lab - Emily Ready;
Driving Simulator - Ken Seergobin & Andrew Vo; TMS -  Alex Yan & Scott Squires

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame "Discovery Days" - London, Ontario

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame teams up with Canadian universities, hospitals and research centres to introduce Canada’s youth to the wide variety of career options in medicine and the health care field. This outreach program connects high school students to world-class health clinicians and scientists.

Discovery Days Website

Past "Discovery Days"

May 4, 2018
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tavis Apramian Failure, Technology & Finding the Good in Both
Presenters: Grahn Lab - Music & the Brain II Workshop

May 12, 2017
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sandeep (Sonny) Singh Kohli
Presenters: Grahn Lab - Music & the Brain Workshop

May 6, 2016 
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nathalie Bérubé  Folding and organizing DNA in your brain
Sponsor: Dr. Cecil and Linda Rorabeck

May 1, 2015     
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Daniel B. Hardy Mentorship and Medical Research: A Personal Journey    
Sponsor: Dr. Cecil and Linda Rorabeck

May 2, 2014    
Keynote Speaker: Daisy-Mae Hamelinck One Person Can Make a Difference      
Sponsor: Dr. Cecil and Linda Rorabeck

Take Our Kids to Work Day

Take Our Kids to WorkTM is an annual program in which Grade 9 (or equivalent) students are hosted by parents, friends, relatives and volunteers at workplaces across the country every November. Western University coordinates activities and tours onsite to career development by helping students connect school, the world of work, and their own futures.

Kids to Work Website

Past Take Our Kids Days

November 3, 2015

November 5, 2014

November 6, 2013

November 7, 2012

November 2, 2011