Directory for Brain & Mind and BrainsCAN (HCSC) Staff in WIRB

Name Contact Position Specialization Team
Aaron Gibbings

WIRB 3180


EEG & Sleep Lab Technician


BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core sleep eeg gibbings
Bea Goffin
WIRB 5184
x. 81442
Lab Manager for Daniel Ansari and Bruce Morton

Bea assists in the development of study procedures, particularly the preparation of child participants for neuroimaging experiments, preparation of research ethics applications, data management, the teaching of standardized testing procedures, administration of laboratory finances and proofreading of manuscripts and grant applications.

Administration -  Ansari and Morton  Labs

bea goffin

Jessica Grahn WIRB 5118
x. 84804
Acting Chair for Brain and Mind 
Chair for the HCSCore

Jessica is Acting Chair for the Brain and Mind Steering Committee and also chairs BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core meetings to

  • Determine objectives, expected outcomes and performance metrics for the Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core
  • Engage BrainsCAN aligned researchers by implementing a mechanism to allow access to research infrastructure related to Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core within the Brain and Mind in the WIRB
  • Oversee the funds committed to the Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core by BrainsCAN
BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core

jessica grahn


Dawn Pavich
WIRB 6156
x. 84672
Personal Assistant to Adrian Owen

Dawn is the Administrative Coordinator/Personal Assistant to Adrian Owen.

Administration -  Owen Lab  dawn pavich

Derek Quinlan

WIRB 3178
x. 87988

Research Facility Manager (WIRB)

Derek is the first point of contact for accessing shared resources based in the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building (WIRB) and works in collaboration to provide technical development and research facility management.   

Derek is temporarily responsible for the fNIRS, EEG, and Sleep labs, including the procurement of recording equipment, scheduling of studies, and ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of the laboratory facility and equipment.

BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core

derek quinlan


Denise Soanes
WIRB 3190
x. 86057
Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

Denise has been the Brain and Mind's first point of contact since 2013; a key resource in directing researchers and guests to the appropriate support and/or team members. Her diverse academic portfolio and office experiences have provided a solid foundation for Denise to deliver administrative support for the day-to-day operations of a research facility and offer some financial assistance to it's members.

Administration  denise soanes

Kevin Stubbs
WIRB 3168
x. 89282
Programmer Analyst - fNIRS

Kevin offers expertise to develop, test, analyze, and maintain software tools for collection and analysis of fNIRS neuroimaging data obtained in human participants for the fNIRS community.  Kevin supports fNIRS analytic pipelines, and the interface with fMRI, TMS and/or EEG data. These data collection approaches may need to be interfaced with other existing equipment such as eye movement recording, virtual reality displays or touchscreens.  

BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core Kevin Stubbs

Haitao Yang
WIRB 3176
x. 82736
Software Engineer / System Administrator

Haitao manages the design, deployment and support of Western central technology infrastructure involving servers, storage and associated enterprise applications.

BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core haitoo yang