Community-powered bicycle recovery program

Community-powered bicycle recovery program

Starting Friday June 26th, 2020 a new bicycle registry program is connecting riders across the city and alerting the local cycling community if a bike is stolen or goes missing.

Western Campus Community Police Service has partnered with the London Police Service to support this community-based crime prevention strategy called 529 Garage.

If a bike goes missing, registered users can activate an alert notification to 529 Garage. The mobile app will then alert the Western campus community and London-area cyclists to be on the lookout for the missing bicycle.

Free and easy.

529 Garage is available to everyone living in the City of London including Western students, faculty and staff. To join the program, go to the London Police registry page. Your bicycle and personal details remain private:

1. Enter your contact information
2. Provide bike details and up to six photos
3. You will receive a confirmation email from 529 Garage once you have finished the registration, and will be asked to 'click and complete the registration'
4. Click on the link sent to your email to complete the registration
5. Create a unique password

Download the 529 Garage app on the App Store or get it on Google Play. Then, you can activate alerts.

Western has purchased a number of tamper-resistant 529 shields.

After registering your bike, consider placing a sticker/shield with a unique ID on your bicycle. You can pick up your free shield at the Campus Community Police Service office in the Lawson Building, Rm 1257. These stickers are optional but do act as a deterrent to thieves and will make it easier to find you, if your bike is recovered.

For more information, please contact Kim Reynolds, Investigative Staff Sergeant at

Register your bike now.

Western Cycling Faculty, Staff and Students…
Step 1 - Register your bike at “LONDON POLICE”
Step 2 - Obtain a free shield at the Campus Police office
Lawson Building, Rm 1257
7:30am to 1:30pm
Monday to Friday