Campus Police now operating as Western Special Constable Service

Western Special Constable Service (WSCS) is unveiling a new name and updated look. 

The name change from Campus Community Police Service was required to comply with amendments to Ontario’s Community Safety and Policing Act designed to help the public better differentiate between public police and special constables. 

“We have always been designated a special constable service,” said Brent Shea, Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Services. “The change to the department is in name only. Our services, special constable authorities, and commitment to campus safety remain the same.” 

Western Special Constable Service is a dedicated team of 20 special constables, five communications operators, one communications coordinator, two technical coordinators, and one administrative officer, who ensure the safety, security and well-being of all members of the Western community.

Trained and equipped to respond to on-campus emergencies and calls for service, special constables patrol the campuses of Western, King’s, Huron and Brescia on foot, bicycle, and in clearly marked vehicles. They have the authority of a police officer while on campus, providing enhanced safety and a faster response to calls for service, resulting in reduced London Police Service presence on campus.

Shea says the campus community can expect to see new branding on the department’s vehicles and uniforms, as well as a new sign over the door of the WSCS office in Lawson Hall.

Work has also been underway to update the WSCS website and other sites, policies and protocols across campus that previously referenced Campus Community Police Service or CCPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Western changing the name of Campus Community Police Service?

Western Campus Community Police Service (CCPS) is required to make this name change in order to comply with amendments to Ontario’s Community Safety and Policing Act designed to help the public better differentiate police and special constables. Its new name will be Western Special Constable Service (WSCS).

Does this change impact the services provided by Western’s CCPS?

This is a change in name only. It will not affect services provided to the campus community or impact campus safety in any way. CCPS has always been designated a special constables service, so this change is in name only.

When will this change take place? 

Over the summer and into the fall, the campus community will see changes in signage, uniforms and vehicle branding, as well as the new name being incorporated in documents, policies and applicable campus websites. It is anticipated that the provincial legislation will come info effect on January 1, 2022. 

Do I still call Western Special Constable Service if I have a problem or complaint?

All services provided to the campus community will continue as they always have. WSCS will still consist of a team of dedicated safety professionals focussed on ensuring the campuses of Western and our affiliated university colleges are safe and secure environments for all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

What happens if I dial 911 on campus? 

Dialling 911 on a campus telephone will still route the call to the campus 911 centre who will dispatch a Western special constable and any other necessary emergency service. WSCS are linked by direct line to the London Police Service (LPS), Emergency Medical Services, and London Fire Services.

Dialling 911 on a cell phone, Bell Canada pay phone or any off-campus land line will route the call to LPS 911 centre. If the emergency is on campus, the LPS 911 operator will conference the call back to the campus 911 centre. Western’s portable radio system is also linked to the city-wide radio system. This trunked radio system allows for two-way radio communications between all emergency services in London.

Who can I contact if I have questions or require non-emergency assistance? 

WSCS can be reached for questions or non-emergency assistance at 519-661-3300, or ext. 83300 if dialing from an on-campus land line.