Prospective Students

The research conducted by this team is based upon qualitative methodologies and seeks to explore various health (e.g., health care stakeholders, their values and interactions) and physical cultures (e.g., exercise, physical education, and organized sport) to uncover how these can both positively and negatively impact wider systems of oppression disadvantaging social minorities (e.g., people who experience disability, ethnic minorities, women). 

Within this research group, we endeavour to foster an egalitarian working environment where David Howe is a mentor with experience within the social sciences and team members, open to discussing new ideas and perspectives. We encourage our post-graduate students by helping them explore their potential to help enact positive change in the world through social scientific enquiry. 

We are currently seeking students who have some experience with social science or humanities courses as undergraduates for opportunities at the MA level. For those who have completed a Masters's in the social sciences or the humanities, we are also looking to recruit PhD students. 

If you are interested in postgraduate studies in the area of health and physical culture with a focus on social justice please send an email to Tell us a bit about yourself and we will be happy to provide more details about these exciting opportunities. 

For more information regarding the School of Kinesiology graduate program and the application process, please visit the School of Kinesiology's Graduate Studies website