The DLD Diagnostics Toolbox

  • Introducing The DLD Diagnostics Toolbox

    June 25, 2020
    The purpose of this toolbox is to address questions related to the diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). The intention is to summarize diagnostic issues for the international community of speech-language pathologists / speech and language therapists (or others) concerned with identifying DLD.

    Topics covered: Developmental Language Disorder, CATALISE

  • What should I write in my report?

    June 24, 2020
    You are a speech-language pathologist / therapist (SLP/T), you’ve completed an assessment of a child, and you’ve determined that the child has a Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). What are some of the key elements in reporting these findings?

    Topics covered: DLD, diagnostic statements, reports, diagnosis

  • Differential Diagnosis: DLD vs. Language Disorder Associated with {biomedical condition}

    June 23, 2020
    Differentiating DLD from Language Disorder associated with a {biomedical condition} can be challenging in situations where multidisciplinary team assessments are not available. Here I consider a way forward...

    Topics covered: DLD, Language Disorder associated with, biomedical condition, assessment

  • It’s not all about test scores, but …

    June 22, 2020
    As part of an assessment for Developmental Language Disorder, an SLP/T observes a child with low average scores on an omnibus standardized language test. Could this child still have DLD?

    Topics covered: DLD, standardized tests, low average, mild