Research Projects

Language, Memory and Academic Achievement in School Age Children

This is a large scale study being carried out in London and area schools with children ages SK to grade 4. Children in the study complete measures of language, memory, reading, math, and other skills. The results will tell us about how underlying skills in language and memory are related to school learning. This work is being completed in collaboration with Dr. Janis Oram Cardy, Dr. Marc Joanisse, and Dr. Daniel Ansari.

Language and Working Memory Intervention

Language and Working Memory Intervention – In several small-scale studies, we are examining the effectiveness of language-related or memory-related intervention activities in improving language or memory skills, as well as school outcomes for school-age children, and for adults.

Word Learning

Word learning – We are exploring the ability to learn new words in a series of studies involving both children and adults. Our findings suggest that important skills such as the perception of subtle differences in spoken words and the accurate repetition of speech sound sequences are important in new word learning.