The DLD Diagnostics Toolbox

  • Identifying DLD in children under 5 years of age

    July 06, 2021
    A child under 5 years of age is found to have language difficulties with a significant impact on everyday interactions and no known biomedical condition. Are the language difficulties likely to persistent such that a diagnosis of DLD is warranted?

    Topics covered: DLD, language difficulties, risk factors, malleable factors, persistent, preschool

  • Co-occurring DLD or Language Disorder Associated with...?

    January 03, 2021
    A child with an existing diagnosed condition is found to have a Language Disorder in the SLP/T assessment. Is the diagnosis of DLD or Language Disorder Associated with {biomedical condition} provided?

    Topics covered: DLD, Language Disorder associated with {biomedical condition}, differential diagnosis, differentiating condition, co-occurring condition