2007-08 Poster Presentations

Specch-Language Pathology Presentations

Affoo, RCritical Review: Does consumption of thickened fluids increase risk of dehydration in post-stroke patients?

Andrews, J: Critical review: Three systematic reviews of three treatments for people with dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT): Montessori-based interventions (MBI); simulated presence therapy (SimPres); and group reminiscence therapy (RT).

Backx, R: Critical Review: An Exploration of the Perceptions of Gastrostomy Tube-feeding in Caregivers of Children who have Cerebral Palsy.

Bambachi, M: Critical Review: The Efficacy of Computer-Provided Treatment for Individuals with Aphasia.

Bianchi, L. C: Critical Review: Effectiveness of Sphincter Pharyngoplasty Compared to Pharyngeal Flap Surgery in Reducing Hypernasality in Individuals with Velopharyngeal Insufficiency. 

Branco, C: Critical Review: The Effects of Cervical Bracing on Swallowing.

Brooks, C: Critical Review: Short and Long-term Outcomes of Intensive Treatment for School-age Stuttering.

Callan, E: Critical Review: Does bilingualism slow language development in children?

Cott, J: Critical Review: The effect of sign language on speech production in children with developmental disabilities.

Dacillo, R: Critical Review: The Effectiveness of frenotomy in the treatment of breastfeeding difficulties in infants with ankyloglossia.

Harrison, R. H: Critical Review: The effect of phonological awareness intervention on the speech output of children with expressive phonological disorders.

Herbynchuk, J: Critical Review: Do children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have improved language and communication skills following implementation of a gluten-and/or casein-free diet?

Hofmann, N: Critical Review: The Effects of Education Regarding Stuttering on the Attitudes of Individuals Towards People Who Stutter.

Huff, L. K: Critical Review: The swallowing function and feeding behaviours of the non-organic failure to thrive pediatric population.

Kosiw, R: Critical Review: In preschool and school age children, is the presence of an internalizing emotional disorder associated with an increased risk of a co-morbid language disorder?

McSweeney, E: Critical Review: Effectiveness of trismus treatment in irradiated patients with head and neck cancer.

Mollison, C: Critical Review: Does impaired Theory of Mind contribute to Behavioural Disturbance following Adult Traumatic Brain Injury?

Park, H: Critical Review: The use of reciprocal teaching to improve reading comprehension of both normal-learning and learning disabled individuals in the reading to learn stage.

Paynter, J: Critical Review: What factors impact literacy development in individuals with severe speech and physical impairments (SSPI) who are using augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) systems?

Ronson, J. C: Critical Review: What are the effects of adding music to the treatment of speech and language disorders in pre-school and school aged children?

Rutherford, S. A: Critical Review: Impact of parent-based intervention on the communication abilities of preschool children with autism spectrum disorders.

Shaw-Cosman, M. A: Critical Review: Language Outcomes for Children with Autism: A Comparison Between PECS and Sign Language.

Taylor, M. L: Critical Review: Evidence supporting the role of parent training programs in fostering emergent literacy skills in preschool-aged children.

Tenhaaf, J. J: Critical Review: The Effects of Oral Stimulation on Feeding Behaviours in Preterm Infants.

Thadani, K: Critical Review: Traditional versus interprofessional education: Impact on attitudes of health care professionals.

Winter, M. J: Critical Review: Evidence of the Presence of Literacy Difficulties in Children Who Have Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

Audiology Presentations

Bahbahani, LCritical Review: The Effect of a Cochlear Implant compared to Traditional Amplification on Speech and Language Skills for persons with Large Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome.

Cousineau, S: Critical Review: Possible Causative Factors Related to the Occurrence of Otitis Media among Native North American Children.

De Luca, D: Critical Review: Does the participation of a significant other in aural rehabilitation classes reduce perceived hearing handicap for older adults?

Durrer, K: Critical Review: In individuals with sensorineural hearing loss, are there benefits of open-canal hearing aid fittings relative to those of traditional fittings?

Emrich, K: Critical Review: Does the length of group aural rehabilitation program for adults with hearing loss predict self-perceived hearing handicap?

Escobar, C: Critical Review: In children with bilateral severe-to-profound hearing loss, is there any evidence that bilateral cochlear implants, improve speech perception in noise compared to that provided by a single implant?

Glista, D., Scollie, S., Bagatto, M., & Seewald, R: Electroacoustic Verification of Nonlinear Frequency Compression Hearing Aids.

Haskins, T: Critical Review: Are there benefits to binaural-bimodal fittings compared to a unilateral cochlear implant alone?

Jewulski, A: Critical Review: Is there evidence to support that personality variables in adults contribute to perceived hearing aid benefit, as measured by self-assessment inventories?

Johnson, K: Critical Review: Do School-Aged Children with Hearing Loss have Improved Speech Recognition in Noise when Using Directional Microphones versus Omni-directional Microphones?

Kim, Y. B: Critical Review: Is there evidence that Bone Anchored Hearing Aids provide greater benefit in hearing performance than Air Conduction Hearing Aids for conductive or mixed hearing loss patients?

Kryszak, J. K: Critical Review: Do individuals with musical training have enhanced brainstem encoding of linguistic pitch compared to those not musically trained?

McLennon, L: Critical Review: Do children with bilateral cochlear implants have better sound localization abilities than those children implanted unilaterally?

Mrema, Y: Critical Review: What is the Existing Evidence of the Impact of Antiretroviral Drugs and Human Immunodeficiency Virus on the Auditory System?

Polonenko, M: Evaluation of frequency compression: effects on speech production in children.

Prangley, M: Critical Review: What are the Speech Perception Benefits of Wearing an FM System with Personal Hearing Aids Versus Hearing Aids Alone in a Classroom Environment?

Reid, E: Critical Review: What is the evidence to support the need for training individuals with hearing impairment to use their hearing aids with the telephone?

Vusich, L: Critical Review: Is there Evidence that Asymmetric Microphone Fitting Strategies Provide More Benefit Compared to Traditional Directional Microphone Fittings?

Yun, I. J: Critical Review: Does every older adult with symmetric sensorineural hearing loss receive more performance benefit from binaural rather than monaural amplification in speech recognition with background noise?J: