2011-12 Poster Presentations

Speech-Language Pathology Presentations

Aupperle, R: What are the effects of variable feedback frequency on the retention of speech motor skills?

Bagri, K: The effect of unilingual treatment in bilingual adults with aphasia.

Bailes, J: Can imitation, joint attention and the level of play in preschool years predict later language outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder?

Bancroft, S: Does changing parent verbal interaction styles increase fluency in children who stutter?

Breaks, A: Effect of primary versus secondary tracheoesophageal puncture (TEP) on voice rehabilitation in patients who have undergone total laryngectomy.

Brittain, K: Are speech-generating devices an effective way to teach children with autism new communicative skills?

Butler, K: What is the effectiveness of prosocial training on the participation of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Coady, J: What is the independent role of rapid naming deficits in reading difficulties?

Davis, V: Does electronic versus paper book experience result in differences in level of emergent literacy development in young children?

Dirks, AIn Children with Nonverbal Autism Spectrum Disorder, does the Picture Exchange Communication System Facilitate Speech?

Fraser, H: The impact of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST) on cough and swallow outcomes in clients with Parkinson’s Disease.

Gioacchino, M: Examining the efficacy of a telerehabilitation model for the delivery of Lee Silverman Voice Treatment.

Goldberg, L: Effectiveness of EMA in improving articulatory accuracy in adults with AOS.

Greenwood, L: How accurate are Voice Accumulators for measuring vocal behaviour?

Gilsenan, EWhat are the effects of music therapy on the communication of children diagnosed with autism?

Harrison, GWhat is the rate of peer victimization in children with specific language impairment, and what attributes are associated with peer victimization?

Herczeg, JAre phonological awareness intervention programs effective in dedicated classrooms for children with speech and/or language disorders?

Ingram, ADoes music therapy have a positive impact on language functioning in adults with dementia?

Karelsen, K: Is the picture exchange communication system or sign language the most appropriate augmentative and alternative communication system for nonverbal children with autism spectrum disorder?

Liu, C: Is robot-assisted therapy a viable treatment option for improving social interaction in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)?

López, M: Are laryngeal manual therapies effective in improving voice outcomes of patients with muscle tension dysphonia?

McDonald, A: Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) an effective intervention approach for adults who stutter?

Minett, N: The effects of Montessori-Based Dementia Programming on engagement of persons with dementia within social contexts.

Nyentap, J: Does parent-child shared book reading improve oral language skills in low-income preschoolers?

Palangio, M: Does early acceptance and subsequent decision-making regarding augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for persons with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) positively affect the patient’s communication in the end-stages of the disease?

Pauls, LDo classroom-based music activities influence literacy skills in Elementary school children with poor reading skills?

Peter, SIn children with phonological/articulation disorders, do non-speech oral motor exercises improve speech production compared to direct speech therapy?

Richardson, J: Is PROMPT an effective treatment method for adults with acquired apraxia of speech and coexisting aphasia?

Rose, B: What screening instruments are most effective for the dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders?

Rutherford, CEffectiveness of functional communication training using augmentative and alternative communication on the challenging behaviour of children with autism

Sampietro, S: Is emergent literacy advanced through speech intervention that incorporates structured early/pre-literacy training for preschool children with isolated phonological disorders?

Serdar, S: How is Quality of Life Affected in Children with Velo-pharyngeal Insufficiency?

Sidock, J: Is the integration of mobile device apps’ into speech and language therapy effective clinical practice?

Skidmore, EWhat are the effects of intensive speech therapy intervention for speech outcomes in children with cleft lip and palate?

Stephen, A: Is Group Therapy Effective in Remediating Social Communication Skills Following a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Adolescents and Adults?

Audiology Presentations

Allen, J: Does the evidence support the use of audiological tests to define characteristics specific to EVA?

Arsenault, C: Can individuals with hearing impairment associated with Usher Syndrome benefit from a cochlear implant?

Basheikh, MDoes the evidence indicate that when tinnitus therapies, specifically Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Tinnitus Masking, or Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy are compared, one of these therapies is more effective in the reduction of tinnitus-related distress?

Bennett, M: Efficacy of notched-sound therapy for neural plasticity mediated tinnitus treatment.

Cumming, A: Do we see auditory system acclimatization with hearing instrument use, using electrophysiological measures?

De Souza, L: Do Personal FM Systems Improve Speech Perception Ability for Aided and/or Unaided Pediatric Listeners with Minimal to Mild, and/or Unilateral Hearing Loss?

Dunn, A: What evidence suggests that (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder is due to impairments in the descending auditory pathways?

Flook, K: The Impact of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Programs on language development of children with hearing loss.

Gilmour, B: Does electroacoustic stimulation provide more benefit to speech recognition compared to electrical stimulation for hybrid cochlear implant candidates?

Hillier, J: Effects of mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss on the language development of school aged children.

Hoffmann, M: Which tympanic measures (multifrequency or standard) are effective for detecting otosclerosis in patients with middle ear disorders?

Kooistra, R: The Effectiveness of Hearing Conservation Initiatives on the Incidence of Noise Induced Hearing Loss Amongst Industrial Workers.

Lesniak, G: The Benefits of Auditory Training for Adults with Mild to Moderate Sensorineural Hearing Loss.

Mann, S: What are the objective and subjective benefits provided by the BAHA hearing system in children with unilateral hearing loss?

Mehra, M: Which CI Strategy is the Most Successful for Music Appreciation?

Naji, R: In the adult population receiving little benefit from hearing aids, would the Vibrant Soundbridge middle ear implant provide better outcomes on measures such as speech intelligibility and subjective questionnaires?

Nicholaou, I: Based on its effect on speech and phoneme recognition in children, should frequency lowering be used in pediatric amplification?

Ninan, PBased on health related quality of life (HRQoL) outcome measures, are cochlear implants (CIs) a suitable treatment option for adults with profound post-lingual deafness?

Sangster, L: Can wideband energy reflectance be used in newborn hearing screening to detect transient middle ear dysfunction and to interpret screening results?

Spurrell, K: What Barriers Exist When Transitioning to Work or Post-Secondary Education Following High School?