2012-13 Poster Presentations

Speech-Language Pathology Presentations

Amodeo, V: Is group therapy for social skills training effective for individuals with traumatic brain injury?

Anderson, J: The effectiveness of script training intervention on the rate of speech and percentage content use in the speech of persons with chronic, non-fluent aphasia

Atkinson, A: Does dialogic book reading improve overall language skills in preschoolers?

Bouchat-Laird, N: The Effect of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST) on Dysphagia in individuals with Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease

Breedveld, K: Is webcam-based delivery of fluency intervention effective for the treatment of stuttering?

Calderaro, S: What are the effects of an early phonological awareness intervention program on later literacy development for children with a speech and/or language impairment?

Chad, L: What are the effects of palatal plate therapy on orofacial features and speech in children with Down syndrome?

Chalmers, L: Dickson, L: Is Group Therapy an Effective Intervention Method for Improving Fluency in School-Aged Children and Adolescents who Stutter?

Dunphy, C: The Hands On Approach:  Perilaryngeal Manual Therapies in the Treatment of Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Dzelme, K: Is the Neonatal Oral-Motor Assessment Scale, a valid assessment tool to identify and quantify future infant oral-feeding difficulties or oral-motor dysfunction?

Farrar, C: Inner and overt speech post-stroke: Is there a dissociation?

Feldman, S: Do Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Techniques Improve Swallowing Function Post-Stroke?

Gallagher, L: The effectiveness of ultrasound technology as a visual biofeedback tool on the productive speech intelligibility of adolescents and young adults with a hearing impairment

Gallant, I: ‘Late Talkers’: What Can We Expect?

Hamilton, E: What is the relationship between nasalance as measured by the Nasometer and perceptual measures of nasality in English speaking children with a history of cleft palate and/or related craniofacial anomalies?

Hansen, S: Effects of errorless learning on object naming and face-name associations in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease

Hazelden, O: Who Has a Role in Swallowing?

Heikamp, J: Is Small Group Narrative Intervention Effective in Increasing Narrative Forms in Preschool Children with Language Impairment?

Jeronimo, B: Is the endoscopic swallowing assessment more sensitive than the videofluoroscopic swallowing assessment at identifying penetration or aspiration in adults with dysphagia?

Kaempffer, A: Which Design Overlay is Better Suited for Early Assisted AAC Intervention in Preschoolers: Visual Scene Displays or Traditional Grid Layouts?

Kondrackyj, M: Is neuromuscular electrical stimulation more effective than traditional swallowing therapy for treating pharyngeal dysphagia?

Legge, L: Can online assessments be used to obtain an accurate measure of speech intelligibility in individuals with dysarthria?

Marks, T: Does Narrative Instruction Improve Reading Comprehension in Children with Learning Disabilities?

Marr, CDoes Fast ForWord Improve Language Outcomes in School-Age Children with Language Impairment?

McKee, R: In adult second language speakers of English seeking accent modification, can intervention based on suprasegmental features (i.e. prosody) be more effective than segmental features (consonants, vowels) in modifying foreign accents/improving positive speech characteristics?

Mohr, S: Are social stories effective at decreasing maladaptive behaviours in children with autism?

Popper, L: The Effects of Rate Reduction on Speech Intelligibility in Individuals with Hypokinetic Dysarthria

Reusser, J: The effectiveness of tongue strengthening on swallowing function in adults with dysphagia

Singer, B: Is videonasopharyngoscopy biofeedback therapy effective in improving velopharyngeal closure in patients with cleft palate? 

Siwicky, M: Does treatment with levodopa improve swallowing function in patients with Parkinson’s Disease?

Spratt, J:Stirling, C: Participation and Communication Disorders in Preschoolers: A Critical Review and Pilot Study

Taylor, J: What is the effect of subthalamic deep brain stimulation on swallowing in persons with Parkinson’s disease?

Thiessen, A: Efficacy of Parent-Focused Interventions for Preschool Children with Language Delays

Wilson, J: Does pharmacological treatment have an effect on language performance in school-aged children with ADHD?