2016-17 Poster Presentations

Speech-Language Pathology Presentations

Allen, S: Critical Review: Effectiveness of parent-directed language intervention for preschool children with autism spectrum disorder.

Aulakh, P: Critical Review: Associations Between Child Temperament and Expressive Language.

Battie, A: Critical Review: Effectiveness of Parent-Focused Intervention for Children with Expressive Language Delay.

Beale, S: Critical Review: In children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), does the use of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) impede speech and language development?

Ceolin, A. C: How do Sampling Contexts Impact Language Production in Individuals with Developmental Disorders? Expanding Our “Toolbox” for the Assessment of Diverse Populations.

Chaber, A: Critical Review: Outcomes in bilingual language intervention for children with specific language impairment.

Chan, J. S. K: Critical Review: In individuals with neurogenic communication disorders, does incorporating musical elements into speech and language treatment improve outcomes over traditional intervention?

Clancy, J: Critical Review: What factors affect social development in children attending child-care?

Connolly, A: Critical Review: How does sleep impact language development in children under 5 years of age?

Davis, A: Critical Review and Pilot Study: Mindfulness Practice, Executive Function and Narrative Retell in Kindergarten Aged Children.

DePoorter, B: Critical Review: In school-aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), what oral narrative elements differ from their typically developing peers?

Dickie, K: Critical Review: Is peer mediated intervention effective in increasing social communication in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who use Alternative and Augmentative Communication?

Dubb, S: Critical Review: Exploring Language Development of Bilingual Children with Cochlear Implants

Feldman, K: Critical Review: What are the language outcomes for children with SLI and bilingual development?

Hall, C. H: Critical Review: Are university students equipped with sufficient knowledge of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancers to implement preventative measures?

Hicks, S: Critical Review: What are the Elements that promote Successful Inclusive Education of Students with Down Syndrome?

Hollingsworth, K: Critical Review: Is diffusion tensor tractography of the arcuate fasciculus a valid anatomical method of predicting prognosis in patients with aphasia? 

Holt-Ulacia, J: Critical Review: Are technology-based interventions more effective than traditional interventions at teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) social communication skills?

Howell, N:Critical Review: The Effectiveness of Constraint-Induced Language Therapy in a Distributive Format.

Jarvis, A: Critical Review: Do eye-tracking communication devices improve quality of life for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?

Leroux, K: Critical Review: In children with cochlear implants, is an oral communication approach more effective than a total communication approach at improving speech and language skills?

Power, H: Critical Review: Is telepractice an effective service delivery model for Auditory-Verbal Therapy for infants with hearing loss?

Power, I: Critical Review: For individuals with Parkinson's disease whose speech characteristics include both hypophonia and palilalia, does use of a pacing board facilitate speech intelligibility?

Russell, M: Critical Review: Does Fundamental Frequency (F0) Modulation Positively Impact Auditory-Perceptual Features of Electrolaryngeal (EL) Speech?

Scott, A: Critical Review: Among preschool and school-aged students, do mindfulness practices lead to improvements in executive functioning and self-regulation?

Smith, S: Critical Review: Which elements of morphosyntax act as reliable clinical markers of SLI in French-speaking school-age.

Tamblyn, K: Critical Review: Effectiveness and generalization of literacy intervention in people who use alternative augmentative communication.

Venier, C: Voice Feminization Therapy and Quality of Life in Transgender Women: A Critical Review and Case Study.

Verhaeghe, B: Evaluating the long-term effectiveness of Integrated Phonological Awareness approaches on literacy skills in children with Speech Sound Disorders: A Critical Review.

Walters, S: Critical Review: Is theatre an effective intervention method for people living with a communication disorder?