2017-18 Poster Presentation

Speech-Language Pathology Presentations

Albahrani, Z: Critical Review:Effectiveness of baby sign in conjunction with oral language as an intervention to improve early languagedevelopment in young children with Down Syndrome

Anjum, Z: Do communication breakdowns impact caregiver burden of informal caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s Dementia?

Arsenault, RCritical Review: Is Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) Effective at Treating Non-Fluent Aphasia, According to Recent Studies?

Belyea, J: Critical Review: In people with dementia, does giving direct intervention help to decrease anomia, and are gains maintained over time?

Boisvert, CCritical Review: In children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), is Rapid Syllable Transition (ReST) an effective intervention program for improving prosody outcomes and under what parameters of delivery?

Bolton, J: Critical Review: In non-verbal children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is verbal output increased for those who engage in the picture exchange communication System (PECS)?

Culina, A: Critical Review: The Effectiveness of Parent Training on Shared Storybook Reading in Improving Children’s Literacy Outcomes

Currie, E: Critical Review: In children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, do high-tech devices surpass low-tech devices when evaluating increased communication skills?

D'Arcey, J: Critical Review: The efficacy of interventions designed to maintain or improve self-feeding ability in elderly individuals with dementia.

Davidson, D: Critical Review: Do Speech-Language Pathologists have a role in concussion management?

Egan, M: Critical Review: Efficacy of Group Therapy versus Individual Therapy in Making Impairment Related Gains in People with Aphasia

Farkhondeh, S: Critical Review: Is Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tube feeding in patients with advanced dementia associated with survival benefit?

Forsyth, K: Investigating Parent Sex Differences in Interactions with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Grossinger, J: Critical Review: Is peer-mediated social skill intervention in school settings effective in increasing social communication in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Hamm, A: Critical Review:Impact of Quality and Content of Television Programming on Preschoolers Expressive Language and Vocabulary Development

Johnson, A: Critical Review: Does implementation of a water protocol improve quality of life for individuals with thin liquid restrictions?

Kudrati, F: Critical Review: Effects of Exposure to Touchscreen Tablets on Preschool Children’s Emergent Literacy Skills

Lepore, R: Critical Review: In children with Autism, does peer support lead to more positive communication outcomes?

Lovero, C: Critical Review: Across all ages of AAC users, do Augmented Input strategies improve communicative outcomes?

Mackenzie, J: Critical Review: Do Mindfulness Practices Decrease Stress and Increase Self-Compassion among Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Graduate Students?

MacNeill, C: Critical Review: What topics and team members in pre-operative counselling for persons undergoing a laryngectomy create a positive perception of care?

Melick, N: Critical Review: Intervention Guided by the Principles of Motor Learning in Individuals with Apraxia of Speech

Mercier, M: Critical Review:In bilingual adults with aphasia, does providing treatment in the second language (L2) lead to cross-linguistic generalization to the first and untreated language (L1)?

O’Connor, R: Critical Review: What is the level of compliance with Speech-Language Pathology swallowing recommendations among acute and community caregivers for individuals with dysphagia? What are the factors affecting this compliance?

Pereira, J: Critical Review: Does Fucile’s pre-feeding oral stimulation program enhance oral feeding readiness in tube-fed, pre-term infants compared to routine care?

Renken, T: Critical Review: Are children with an early history of isolated speech sound disorders, in the absence of a comorbid language impairment, at risk for poor literacy outcomes?

Rice, A: Critical Review: Using Video Modelling to Teach Verbal Social Communication Skills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Riemersma, T: Critical Review: Beyond Adults with Aphasia – The Effectiveness of Intonation-Based Therapy in Pediatric Populations

Sangster, K: Critical Review: Does Parent-Implemented Early Intervention Improve Language Outcomes in Preschoolers with Language Impairments?

Stajov, E: Critical Review: Does mindfulness intervention improve quality of life and depression symptoms in individuals with traumatic brain injury?

Symonds, S: Critical Review: For children and adolescents with Complex Communication Needs (CCN), does Peer-Mediated Intervention (PMI) positively impact social relationships and friendship?

Thibert, C: Critical Review: Academic Effects and Accommodations for School Aged Children and Adolescents with a Concussion

Towell, J: Critical Review: Efficacy of phonics-based reading instruction for children with Down syndrome

Valenta, M: Effect of Play Context on Engagement in Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Critical Review and Pilot Study

Ykema, S: Critical Review: Do the language skills of toddlers with nonsyndromic cleft lip and/or palate differ from their noncleft peers?

Zeh, N: Critical Review: Does peer-mediated training of AAC systems improve social communication in children with autism?