2020-21 Poster Presentation

Speech-Language Pathology Presentations

Bertrand, K., & Dunn, Z. Critical Review: Electronic versus Paper Books for Phonological Awareness Development.

Bray, J., & Kritzer, M. Critical Review: Does LSVT LOUD Improve Intelligibility in Children with Dysarthria Associated with Cerebral Palsy?

Collins, H., & Riley, A. Does consuming dairy products, specifically milk, compared to not consuming dairy lead to mucus production in healthy individuals?

Coppola, S. Critical Review: Literacy Skill Development in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Users

Csercsics, A. Critical Review: Are observer-rated dementia screening tools effective for identifying dementia of the Alzheimer’s type in individuals with Down syndrome?

Desimone, L., & Lovis, J. Critical Review: Is Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) a beneficial supplement to existing dysphagia interventions for post-stroke patients?

Dhillon, H., & Rawal, N. Critical Review: Can the Onset of Dementia in Elderly be Prevented or Postponed Through Social Activities?

Doytchinova, S., & Yellan, S. Critical Review: The Outcomes of Simulation-Based Learning Experiences for Speech-Language Pathology Students

Egerland, H. Critical Review: Can Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) speech-generating devices (SGDs) improve communication in children with nonverbal autism spectrum disorder?

Elias, P., & Pankiw, O.A. Critical Review: Effectiveness of Teletherapy in School-Aged Children with Speech and/or Language Disorders

Fraser, C. Critical Review: PECS and Speech Outcomes for Minimally Verbal Children with ASD

Frenkel, A., & Spence, J. Critical Review: What are the Early Predictors of French Literacy in Canadian French Immersion Programs

Gilmour, H., & Hanson, C. Critical Review: Does diagnosis disclosure result in positive outcomes for autistic children and youth?

Habte, S., & Sadik, M. Critical Review: Is Speech Rate Reduction an Effective Strategy to Increase Listener Comprehension of Accented Speech?

Haouas, R. Communication Mode and Expressive Language Outcomes in Children with Hearing Loss: A Critical Review

Hassib, S., & Ostia, M. What are the characteristics of caregiver burden that affect caregiver well-being (e.g., mental health, stress, quality of life, etc.) in individuals providing support to adults with dysphagia?

Hemmett, K. Critical Review: Do Behavioural Compensatory Strategies Lead to Better Speech Outcomes in Individuals with Dysarthria Secondary to Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?


Jacques, R., & Larmer, H. Critical Review: Does access to thin water in individuals on thickened liquid diets in rehabilitation and acute care facilities lead to improved quality of life?

Jones, S. Critical Review: Effectiveness of LSVT LOUD in Children with Dysarthria Secondary to Cerebral Palsy

Kennedy, K. Critical Review: Does text messaging lead to better literacy outcomes in adolescents?

Krilis, G., & MacIntyre, E. Critical Review: Does transgender voice and communication therapy influence gender perception by listeners among male-to- female transgender individuals?

Kung, K., & Ugas, M. Critical Review: Is DTTC an effective therapy approach for improving intelligibility in children with apraxia of speech?

Lewis, S. Is Speech Recognition Software a Viable Future for Dysarthric Speakers? A Critical Review

Lizzi, J., & Pulles, Z. Critical Review: Does Quality of Life Differ in Older or Younger Individuals Post-Laryngectomy?

Lo, J. Critical Review: Effectiveness of Combining Peer-Mediated Intervention (PMI) with Speech Generating Device (SGD) Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Munoz Ramos, K. Critical Review: Effectiveness of Voice Therapy for Adults with Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis

Nepotiuk, A. Critical Review: Post-salvage neck dissection dysphagia outcomes in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiotherapy and/or chemoradiation therapy

Nunez, A. Critical Review: Do Speech-Language Pathologists have the knowledge and competencies required to provide Gender- Affirming Communication Intervention?

Smith, K. Critical Review: Outcome Measurement among Child Users of Augmentative and Alternative Communication

St-Hilaire, J. Critical Review: In children with ASD, does the presence of bilingualism lead to comparable outcomes in expressive and receptive language development compared to monolingual children?

Stoliker, G. Critical Review: Efficacy of Telepractice for Speech-Language Pathology Services

Vinčić, T. Critical Review: For individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, what are the key characteristics that contribute to increased levels of caregiver burden?

Weisgerber, J. Critical Review: Literacy Outcomes in Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Yeung, J.S.Y. Critical Review: Cross-linguistic generalization in bilingual aphasia following unilingual intervention