National Centre for Audiology showcases its leadership in the field

The November issue of Canadian Audiologist - the online magazine of the Canadian Academy of Audiology - featured a series of articles written by members of Western's National Centre for Audiology (NCA), which showcase the NCA's leadership in the field.

The focus on Western begins with an interview with NCA Director Susan Scollie, and includes seven other articles highlighting the research being conducted by NCA members. As stated by editor-in-chief Marshall Chasin, "these articles summarize nicely the bi-directional manner of knowledge and development that we see in our field". Links to the articles are included below.

Focus on Research at Western

by The Canadian Academy of Audiology

Moving Advanced Diagnostic Assessment into Clinical Practice

by Jordana Costa Soares, Postdoctoral Associate

Development of a Pediatric Fitting Protocol for Bone Conduction Hearing Devices

by Marlene Bagatto, Assistant Professor

Development and Validation of a Manikin-Based Probe-Tube Placement Training Simulator

by Sheila Moodie, Associate Professor; and Robert Koch

Putting Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Devices Through Verification Paces

by Vijay Parsa, Associate Professor; Susan Scollie, Associate Professor; Manan Sheel

Two Different Ways Familiar Voice Information Can Be Used

by Ingrid Johnsrude, Professor; Emma Holmes; Jon Deeks

Telepractice in Audiology: Supporting Clinical Implementation through Research

by Danielle Glista, Senior Research Associate

Are Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Good for Audiology in Canada?

by Marlene Bagatto, Assistant Professor; Steve Aiken; Steve Armstrong