Online Graduate Program in Applied Health Sciences

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Equip Yourself for Tomorrow's Challenges

Find patterns, seek answers, lead forward. In a fast-changing health landscape, you need the tools to stay ahead. Learn how to leverage research, health information and interdisciplinary collaboration to help solve the health care issues of tomorrow.

This fully-online graduate program accommodates a diverse community of learners from a variety of health-related disciplines and diverse professional backgrounds. It is ideal for individuals seeking skills that will prepare them to:

  • Adapt rapidly to changes in health care systems
  • Remain competitive in their existing role and practice
  • Pivot into a new, more challenging position
  • Position themselves as leaders in their fields

Program Options

The program design places a high value on an individualized educational experience, allowing students to create a program pathway that fits their personal learning objectives. Each program option offers students opportunities to customize their learning in different ways.

Graduate Diploma

This postgraduate diploma consists of a mandatory course and four electives. Use this program to get your feet wet. Build your knowledge by taking one course at a time.

Master's Degree

The master's degree consists of two mandatory courses and four electives, as well as a knowledge synthesis and capstone experience (mentorship).

Program Features

The program is designed for those with an undergraduate degree who are seeking additional health sciences postsecondary education. This program features:

  • Fully online course offerings
  • Multi-media case studies
  • Video content
  • Interactive modules
  • Engaged problem-based learning and inter-professional education
  • Customized areas of interest
  • Variety of opportunities for engagement with content, peers and instructors


Customizable Approach to Learning

The Applied Health Sciences graduate program is rooted in authentic learning through interdisciplinary interaction and contextualized individual and group experiences. The program integrates students and their experiences into the learning process through:

  • Presenting material in a way that reflects how knowledge will be applied
  • Exposing students to other learners from diverse concentrations of study and experiences, providing a rich learning environment
  • Using application-based assessments that relate course content to student’s individual health employment context
  • Employing inquiry-guided learning activities

Graduates are equipped with the right tools to navigate complex challenges in health, health care and health-related organizational needs. Learners graduate this program with:

  • Specialized knowledge in a chosen concentration
  • Comprehensive understanding of health care systems
  • Confidence to navigate interdiscplinary settings
  • Experience to become a leader in their field