Richard Booth, PhD

Associate Professor and Arthur Labatt Family Chair in Nursing

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  • MScN, PhD (Western University)
  • BScN (McMaster)

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Professor Booth's program of research seeks to explore the relationships between human and technological interactions within health(care) and educational contexts. To do this, his research program consists of two main areas of concentration (i.e., streams). The first area of concentration is: (1) technological teaching-learning innovation for nursing education. This area of focus is dedicated to exploring how students and nurses learn, use, and repurpose health technology used in, and for, practice. Through a variety of research approaches informed by the health informatics domain, he has evaluated and meaningfully embedded technology into nursing education. The second area of concentration is: (2) digitally-enabled healthcare and nursing. As a timely and important area of research, current trends in the development of communication technology, artificial intelligence, automation/augmentation, and big data science have been examined and leveraged to generate future-forward ideas to support the health and wellbeing of people in an interconnected, rapidly changing technological landscape.

Featured Publications and Projects

Chapters and Reports

  • Booth, R. G., Strudwick, G., McMurray, J., Chan, R., Cotton, K., & Cooke, S. (2021). The Future of Nursing Informatics in a Digitally-Enabled World. In P. Hussey & M. Kenndey (Eds.), Introduction to nursing informatics (5th ed., pp. 395–417). Springer.

  • Risling, T., Strudwick, G., & Booth, R. (2021). Researching Nursing Informatics in a Digital Age. In P. Hussey & K. M.A. (Eds.), Introduction to Nursing Informatics. Health Informatics (pp. 317–338). Springer.

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Shariff, S. Z., Richard, L., Hwang, S. W., Kwong, J. C., Forchuk, C., Dosani, N., & Booth, R. (2022). COVID-19 vaccine coverage and factors associated with vaccine uptake among 23 247 adults with a recent history of homelessness in Ontario, Canada: a population-based cohort study. The Lancet. Public Health, 7(4), e366–e377.
  • Booth, R., Richard, L., Forchuk, C., & Shariff, S. (2022). Utility, Limitations and Opportunities for Using Linked Health Administrative Data to Study Homelessness in Ontario. Healthcare Quarterly, 24(4), 7–10.
  • Novilla-Surette, E. M. P., Shariff, S. Z., Le, B., & Booth, R. G. (2022). Trends and Factors Associated with Suicide Deaths in Older Adults in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Geriatrics Journal, 25(2), 134–161.
  • Booth, R. G., Strudwick, G., McBride, S., O’Connor, S., & Solano López, A. L. (2021). How the nursing profession should adapt for a digital future. BMJ, 373, n1190.
  • Richard, L., Booth, R., Rayner, J., Clemens, K. K., Forchuk, C., & Shariff, S. Z. (2021). Testing, infection and complication rates of COVID-19 among people with a recent history of homelessness in Ontario, Canada: a retrospective cohort study. CMAJ Open, 9(1), E1–E9. 

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Current Grants and Research Projects

  • Homelessness Counts. Public Health Agency of Canada (2020-2024)
  • Social robots in the home: Exploring the influence of intelligent non-human agents on human behaviour in domestic environments. Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Insight Development Grant, 2018-2020).

Graduate Student Projects

Reddit and Nursing During Covid-19: A Summative Content Analysis

  • Savin, Julia. (2021). MScN, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing

Understanding the Current State of Health Information Exchange in Long-Term Care Homes

  • Cotton, Kendra. (2021). MScN, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing

Trends and Factors Associated with Suicide Deaths in Older Adults

  • Novilla-Surette, Eada. (2020). MHIS, Health Information Science program

Visit Scholarship@Western for a list of completed student theses and dissertations in the repository.

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Academic Appointments and Research Affiliations


  • Western University Faculty Scholar (2021)
  • Western Award for Innovations in Technology-Enhanced Teaching (2019)
  • ICES Western Faculty Scholar Fellow (2015-2017)
  • Fellowship in Teaching Innovation Award (TSC Western) (2015)
  • Council of Ontario University Programs in Nursing (COUPN) – New tenure stream faculty contribution award (2014)
  • 10-year employment pin from St. Joseph’s Health Care London (2014)

Professional Activities

  • Director, Board of Directors – Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN); 2015-2020