Shokoufeh Modanloo, RN, PhD


  • Postdoc (University of Ottawa)
  • PhD in Nursing (University of Ottawa)
  • MSc in Nursing (Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran)
  • BSc in Nursing (Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran)

Graduate Program Supervision

Research In Profile

Professor Modanloo's program of research is titled Health Justice Research in Global Context aims to address the nursing professional mandate of health justice by bringing voices of marginalized people forward to inform programs, practices, and policies in Public Health and  Maternal-Newborn/Child Nursing to advance healthcare delivery with three main research goals: i) To address health injustice among marginalized populations including women from refugee and immigrant background and/or with the experience of homelessness; ii) To advance nursing knowledge and practice with community-based participatory approach; iii) To develop public health initiatives to be reflexive of discrimination that produces health disparities at macro and micro levels. Health Justice Research in Global Context builds capacity within community, and bring health, legal and social services together to address the community’s needs and create actions for current and future health care initiatives.

Featured Publications and Projects

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Modanloo S, Dunn S, Stacey D, Harrison D. (2021). The Feasibility, Acceptability, and Preliminary Effectiveness of Parent-targeted Interventions in Vaccination Pain Management of Infants: A Pilot Randomized Control Trial (RCT). Pain Management, 11(5), DOI:
  • Modanloo S, Barrowman N, Martelli B, Yoxon H, Wilding J, Dragic S, Vaillancourt R, Long D, Larocque C, Reszel J, Harrison D. (2021). Be Sweet to Hospitalized Toddlers During Venipuncture: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Sucrose Compared to Water. Clinical Journal of Pain, Advance online publication. DOI:
  • Modanloo S, Larocque C, Hu J, Reszel J. (2021). Be Sweet to Babies during Painful Procedures: Evaluation of a Parent-Targeted and Mediated Video in Farsi. Journal of Neonatal Nursing. Online ahead of print. DOI:
  • Gifford, W., Rowan, M., Dick, P., Modanloo, S., Benoit, M., Al Awar, Z., Wazni, L., Grandpierre, V., Thomas, R., Sikora, L., Graham, ID. (2021). Interventions to improve cancer survivorship among Indigenous Peoples and communities: A systematic review with a narrative synthesis. Supportive Care in Cancer. DOI
  • Harrison, D., Larocque, C., & Modanloo, S. (2021). Mothers of sick babies dare not cause trouble: A commentary on Hassankani et al. (2020). Journal of Neonatal Nursing, DOI:
  • Modanloo S, Stacey D, Dunn S, Choueiry J, Harrison D (2019). Parent Resources for Early Childhood Vaccination: An Online Environmental Scan. Vaccine. 37(51), 7493–7500. DOI:
  • Doherty, M., Modanloo, S., Evans, E., Rowe, J., Newhook, D., Palat, G., & Archibald, D. (2021). Exploring Health Professionals’ Experiences with a Virtual Learning and Mentoring Program (Project ECHO) on Pediatric Palliative Care in South Asia. Global Pediatric Health, 8, 2333794X211043061. DOI:

Current Grants and Research Projects

  • Modanloo, S, et al. (2022). Co-developing an Intersectoral Action Plan for Equitable Maternal-Newborn Health, Social, and Legal Services for Women from Immigrant and Refugee Backgrounds in Canada
  • Modanloo, S, et al. (2022). Health injustice within Canadian Immigration System for Displaced Peoples
  • Modanloo, S, et al. (2022). The Role of Internationally Educated Nurses in Recovery of Canadian Health Care System at the time of COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond
  • Co-PI, “Contextual factors influencing implementation of interprofessional collaborative family-centred care for neonates during intensive care: A mixed methods study”, Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions (ASAHP), Interprofessional Collaboration Research Grant. $25,000 USD/ [PI: Dr. Jiale Hu]
  • Collaborator, “Adapting a holistic program to support the mental health and wellness of front-line workers providing care to homeless and street communities”, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant: $197, 250 CAD/ [PI: Dr. Wendy Gifford]
  • Collaborator, Developing wise practices for a culturally safe rapid public health response to COVID-19 with Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), 200,000 CAD/ [PI: Dr. Wendy Gifford]

Graduate Student Opportunies

Seeking MScN and PhD nursing student applicants interested in:

  • Global issues concerning wemen's and children's health outcomes
  • Refugee crisis, displaced peoples and immigrant justice
  • Sociopolitical determinants of health
  • Systemic discrimination and health injustice concerning maternal-child health care

Contact professor Shokoufeh Modanloo directly for more information.

Call for Service Provider Collaborators

Seeking service providers who work with refugee and immigrant populations in healthcare, legal, settlement and social services for collaboration on research projects to improve wellbeing and health outcomes of women, children and families from refugee and immigrant backgrounds.

Contact professor Shokoufeh Modanloo directly for more information.

Call for Research Participants

Seeking research participants from an immigrant or refugee background with the lived experience of receiving maternal-child care in Ontario who are interested in sharing their story for a research project.

Contact professor Shokoufeh Modanloo directly for more information.

Additional Information


  • Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Excellence Award, (2021) University of Ottawa Office of the Vice-President Research (funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Exchange Grant) [PI: Dr. Wendy Gifford]
  • Trainees’ representative (2018-2020), PICH (Pain in Child Health), International interdisciplinary group of pain research scientists in the clinical and basic sciences
  • International Student Admission Full Scholarship. University of Ottawa, School of Nursing
  • International postgraduate research scholarship (IPRS). Flinders University, School of Nursing
  • Undergraduate Research Award for outstanding independent research project, Tehran, University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

Professional Activities

  • Facilitator, Work in Progress (WIPs) Sessions, University of Ottawa, School of Nursing, 2021-2022
  • Facilitator, Community of Practice (COP) for graduate students, University of Ottawa, 2021-2022
  • Health Equity Advisory Group, Better Outcome Registry and Network (BORN), Ontario, 2022
  • Member, Community Health Nurses of Canada, Research & Health Policy (R&HP) Standing Committee, 2022