The Master of Data Analytics Program

Data is the currency of the 21st century. The pace of its production increases exponentially each year. Its full potential has yet to be tapped but governments, businesses and individuals across the globe are increasingly faced with the challenges and the opportunities presented by data generation, storage, analysis, application and innovation. Addressing the rapidly evolving big data landscape, public and private sector organisations search for data analytics experts, a new generation of highly qualified personnel who are able to work with many different types, quantities and levels of complexity of data. With the advanced data analytics skills to manipulate and explore data both numerically and visually to find patterns and structures, big data professionals employ sophisticated modelling or algorithms to extract useful information, and translate their findings to influence the course of business, economics and health policy, among others, locally, nationally and across the planet.

Data analytics is inherently interdisciplinary. The foundation for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics lies in a set of tools and techniques from Statistics and Computer Science, as well as from the intersection of these two fields. The Master of Data Analytics (MDA), a one-year professional science master's program, equips our students with a set of highly sought-after, interdisciplinary technical data analytics skills, approaches and experiences and prepares them for an analytics-focused career.

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