Role of the Advisor 

In order to broaden the perspective of students participating in an enrichment program, collaborative specialization students are required to select and meet annually with an extra Hazards, Risks, and Resilience Advisor. 

The Advisors role is to offer an opportunity for students to discuss their individual research projects within a broader hazards, risks, and resilience perspective and, the opportunity to build research collaborations that extend beyond individual departments and faculties. 

Hazards, Risks, and Resilience Advisors are not expected to play a major role in directing the content or trajectory of a graduate student’s research project. In some cases, input from the Hazards, Risks, and Resilience Advisor may inform the thesis research but this is not a requirement. 

Program Requirement 

Identification and selection of the Advisor must occur within the first term of study in the program and the first meeting within the student's first year in the program. For more information on this requirement, please see our "Advisors" page.