2023 Joint NHP–CMRR-ICLR Multi-Hazard Risk and Resilience Workshop

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Understanding of individual natural hazards and associated risks has progressed significantly over the last decades. However, recent disasters have demonstrated that quantitative risk assessments due to joint occurrences of multiple hazards are lacking, and preparedness and resilience of our highly interconnected and interdependent urban systems are inadequate. The resultant multi-hazard risk is often underestimated with severe consequences that can become exacerbated under climate change. Spatial and temporal changes in exposure and vulnerability of communities and infrastructure systems are poorly understood, particularly during successive hazards. Key stakeholders/decision-makers need quantitative measures to assess the corresponding risks and quantify the uncertainties of driving hazard scenarios. To enhance disaster resilience for the society, a holistic approach is essential to address the major gaps in quantifying the risks that are driven by cascading and compounding hazards and in creating innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of extreme disaster events, particularly in a changing climate.

To gather the latest research related to different hazard disciplines and innovative solutions for infrastructure risk management, Western’s Norther Hail Project (NHP), Center for Multi-hazard Risk and Resilience (CMRR), and Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) jointly host the 2023 Multi-Hazard Risk and Resilience Workshop. The workshop brings together researchers and professionals from different disciplines and engage key stakeholders from government/municipality and industry. It will provide a forum to discuss these risks and how they relate to communities and individuals. The workshop is scheduled on October 30th and 31st, 2023. The main mode of the workshop is in-person but the workshop allows hybrid participations from those who are unable to travel.


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