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Who Do You Think You Are? with Nino Ricci

Who Do You Think You Are? is hosted by Nino Ricci, the Alice Munro Chair in Creativity at Western University. Each episode, the multiple award-winning Canadian novelist talks to a faculty member from the Western community who makes a difference in their field by challenging old assumptions or forging new models for how we make sense of the world. These are people who show us that creativity lies at the heart of innovation in any field. They also show us how creative solutions often come from building bridges across the disciplines and break down the barriers that often blind us to new approaches.

For more information about the Alice Munro Chair in Creativity, visit https://www.uwo.ca/arts/news/chaircreativity.html. For more on Nino, visit https://ninoricci.com

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Ivey courtyard

The Ivey Entrepreneur podcast

Ivey's very first podcast, The Ivey Entrepreneur, will take listeners through the many aspects of being an entrepreneur from tips & tricks, to managing high growth, to family businesses. Tune in as Ivey faculty host highly successful Ivey alumni entrepreneurs who share their experiences and advice for established and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

The Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

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Community podcasts

Ivey The Leaders podcast logo

The Leaders by Ivey

The Leaders by Ivey - An official Ivey Business School podcast. Insights and wisdom lie within every business decision. Join Ivey as we discover the hidden narratives and unlock key learnings for our own leadership and career journey.

Sound of Science logo

Sound of SCI

Welcome to our website for the Sound of Science, a radio show featuring Western faculty and student researchers making groundbreaking discoveries in scientific research. Each show will explore an emerging issue in science from an interdisciplinary perspective by featuring leading experts in the field.

Western Worlds podcast logo

Western Worlds

Western Worlds offers bi-weekly podcast programming that features an interview with space-relevant researchers, engineers, scientists, or advocates representing the local, national and global planetary science and exploration communities.

Gradcast podcast cover image


The official podcast of the Society of Graduate Students at Western University.

Radio Western News cover

CHRW Newscast

A recap of the day's top news stories from CHRW Radio Western.

So What? podcast logo

So What? podcast

Started in spring 2018 and launched fall 2018, So What? is a podcast about library and information science research and why it matters.

Learn to Lead podcast logo

Learn to Lead podcast

Learn to Lead is a program offered through Academic Support and Engagement at Western University. This podcast will feature interviews with Western staff as they share their leadership journey and experiences that have influenced their career, life experiences and more.

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